Friday, April 25, 2008

Flashback Friday - And they called it puppy love

Yesterday we celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary. We may have married when we were both close to age 40, but our story began when we were 14.

As hard as we try, we don't remember exactly how we met, but we do know it was in 9th grade. Most likely we sat close together in homeroom as both of our last names began with the letter "M".

One day, while at our lockers exchanging books for the next class, he asked me to the football game that Friday night. I very coolly replied "yes, I'd love to go", while inside I'm jumping up and down because I can hardly believe that the cutest boy in the whole school just asked me out.

He stopped by my house and we walked to the school - and yes it was more than a mile. The night was chilly, after all, it was September in Minnesota.

I wore a navy blue, double-breasted, midi-coat with side seam pockets over my jeans and top. As the evening wore on, he snuck his arms around me and placed his hands in my coat pockets - "to keep warm", he said.

We "dated" off and on through out that year, but broke up that summer. Why? Neither one of us can recall but through out high school we never dated again. At a young age, I ended up marrying my children's father, and he enlisted in the Navy.

Fast forward to our five year high school reunion. I'm divorced, he's never been married. Our eyes meet and we begin dating again. Until he wants to marry me and I get scared. And we break up again.

Fast forward to our twenty year high school reunion. As I'm standing in line waiting to check in I glance around and .... there he is!

Our eyes meet, but the crowd is too thick to reach one another. I excitedly whisper to my girlfriend "he's here! And he hasn't changed a bit!" To which she replied, "ah, yes he has. We all have."

My girlfriend was wrong of course. I saw him with my heart and he still looked the same as he did 15 years ago. By now, we've both lived a lot of life and have experienced both fantastic and horrible relationships. But, this time, instead of breaking up, we married.

Surprisingly enough, there's been ups and downs over the past ten years. (You did hear the sarcasm in my voice didn't you?) But when I made those wedding vows I meant them. At the time I just didn't think we'd have any bad times, LOL!

So how do I bring this back to sewing?

Simple! By this time I was already sewing most of my wardrobe. So of course in the photo above the halter I'm wearing is one I sewed and the denim shorts I embellished with hand embroidery. Pin It


  1. That is the best story EVER. And, I love your knew header. Tres chic!

  2. I have a friend who waited through several wives and 25 years to marry a man she had dated in her youth. Sometimes when things are actually meant to be they will happen even if it's years later. Congratulations on your anniversary.

  3. Congratulations on 10 years. What a great romance story...I love it! Mary

  4. Happy Anniversary! Great story!

  5. What a history! Happy anniversary.

  6. Awww! How sweet and romantic!!

    Happy anniversary and many many more.

  7. OMG! That is SO sweet. Happy Anniversary and many many more.

  8. That is such a great story! Happy anniversary!

  9. Omg. That is so cute!
    I didn't know you two dated when you were younger!
    Man that almost made me cry!

  10. Great story, and congrats on your anniversary! The clothes are cute too.

  11. What a wonderful story! very uplifting. Thank you for sharing this with us, Sharon!

  12. That's such a great story. :-)

  13. what a great story! He is your prince charming.

    I loved those halters! my older sister used to make them for me!



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