Friday, April 11, 2008

Flashback Friday - 1999

I was talking to a niece last night - the one who wants to sew again - and I jokingly told her she just might end up starring in a Flashback Friday post. She didn't seem to concerned about it, so today we're only going back nine years - to the summer of 1999. A summer where we actually had warm weather and green grass, although I have heard rumors of 70 degree weather arriving next week. (Keeping my fingers crossed here.)

These two little sweeties are friends as well as cousins. On occasion I would sew them matching outfits because it's so much fun to sew for little girls. By the time I was sewing for these two, my daughter was out of high school and I don't think she would have appreciated an outfit consisting of orange pants, vest and headband - even knowing the fabric was sprinkled with little daisies, lol.

So this one's for you K!
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  1. That's just too cute!

  2. That is too precious Sharon!!! Love the Flashback Fridays! Mary

  3. Dang it, this one actually makes me feel old. Summer of 1999 was right between graduating high school and starting college for me! Cute pic though. :)

  4. Love these little glimpses into your sewing past! Did you know that your flashback fridays posts inspired a post on the "Make it mine" magazine blog? Check it out:

  5. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Haha i remember those outfits!
    I wore it all the time!
    I was so mad when my mom gave it away but it didn't fit me anymore.
    Man good old days. When Megan and I were actually the same height!
    I love it Sharon.
    You the bestest Auntie Ever!

  6. Ok yeah i need a little help making this blog thingy. lol i have no idea what to do really



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