Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dogs on Thursday - Happy Birthday Sophia

Sophia Nicole turned six yesterday. My oh my how time flies. It seems like only yesterday we brought this tiny little bundle of fur home with us.

Sophia's first day home

Sophia with her tug-of-war playmate.

Sophia at 6 mos.

Sophia with Brandi. Brandi was 11 years old when Sophia came to live with us and they quickly became best buds.

Sophia today, with her new buddy, Abby.
And no, we did not have birthday cake and ice cream to celebrate her birthday.

But if we would have don't you think these cupcakes would have been appropriate?

Photo from a book I recently purchased, Hello, Cupcake!.

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  1. LOL Love the cupcakes! Your dogs are adorable. We also had a black lab named Abigail.

  2. Hope Sophia had a good day!

  3. Those cupcakes are so cute but not as cute as Sophia! Abbie is adorable too.

  4. Happy Birthday Sophia!! Cute pics and cute cupcakes.

  5. Happy Happy B'day Sophia. What a dollbaby.

  6. Happy Birthday Sophia (love the name!)!

    Zeus, Lola, Teutul & Sophie

  7. Sophia is quite the little lady and lives up to her beautiful name! What a sweetie she is! Abby looks like a lovey dog.


  8. Happy Birthday Sophia from JoJo and Kodi! (and Mary, because she has the opposable thumbs to type our birthday greetings!)

  9. Happy Birthda Sophia, you beautiful platinum blonde girl! Sharon, I love how much you love your 'children'. xoxo

  10. Happy Birthday to Sophia and thanks for posting the cupcake photos from the book. I've had it on my Amazon wishlist but after seeing that photo I'm going to have to go buy it. Weren't the doggie cupcakes cute?



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