Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Baseball and sewing - a logical combination wouldn't you say?

I love reading entrepreneurship stories involving sewing. When the story includes sports and highlights the fact that its a guy doing the sewing ... well, even better.

Read for yourself how the blending of baseball and sewing inspired an invention called the "Rag Arm".
Off-the-cuff invention may be destined for dugouts

By Tom Moran, Star Tribune

During the middle of a baseball game, Ed Hadash's life changed with seven words from his catcher "Eddie, I think you've got something there." Since then, he's been a man possessed by his own creation.

During the past two years, Hadash, 43, has worked in the "sewing laboratory" of his Burnsville home to develop a sleeve for baseball players.

Hadash's "Rag Arm" is a sleeve that is easily slipped onto a player's arm, intended to keep them warm while sitting in the dugout. The sleeve, intended mainly for pitchers, slips on and is held in place with a strap that is attached to the sleeve with Velcro.

You can read the rest of the story here.

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