Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another patternaholic is born...

Remember I mentioned how I excited I was about my 17-year-old niece wanting to sew again?

After purchasing the Amy Butler prints she liked, I asked her to browse the Simplicity pattern site to pick out a few favorites. I figured she could pick them out online and I'd purchase them when Joanns or Hancocks had a pattern sale.

Well let me tell you - someone had a whole lotta fun picking out patterns. To begin with, she choose a few tops that she'd like to use with the AB fabrics. All very cute (4127, 3956, 3750 and 3918) but I'll suggest she begin with either 4127 or 3750.

Okay, so here's where it gets even better. She picked out 21 one more patterns that she wants to sew! Yep, that's right. She plans on using money from the summer job to purchase sewing patterns and supplies. I think that 's a pretty good start on a pattern stash wouldn't you say?

I wonder how many she would have chosen if I would have sent her the link to McCall's and Butterick patterns also?

And K? I know you're probably reading this - when we have our sewing weekend, plan on spending some time browsing through my 60s and 70s pattern collection to see if anything catches your eye.
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  1. Hehe
    I will totally look at them
    when i come over! :]]

  2. This is just wonderful. Passing on the love and the stashing gene.



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