Sunday, March 09, 2008

When you don't have time to sew...

Is it Sunday evening already?

I swear it was only hours ago that I was just leaving work and wishing my co-workers a good weekend. Every Friday it's the same thing. The work day ends and I gleefully begin to plan my weekend. On my 40 minute drive home from work I'm filled with anticipation and am optimistic about all that I will accomplish - including some quality time with my sewing machine.

By now you probably see where I'm headed with this. The weekend is over, we're winding down and getting ready for the new week. And most of what I had hoped to work on didn't happen.

So what's a soul to do when she can't dance with her fabric? I watch a few vodcasts or listen to a few podcasts on my iPod. This weekend it was The Ries Report - okay, I admit that one has nothing to do with sewing but I find it interesting.

A few of my other favorites include Girls Gone Geek (yea, not really about sewing either), Grits to Glitz (who has had some amusing recaps of this past season's Project Runway) and Howcast Crafts where you can find a variety of topics to view.

Last but not least, there's DIY Style, hosted by Allyce King and Melissa Watson (daughter of Pati Palmer), a sewing vodcast.

So another weekend has ended and another work week looms ahead of me. Before I know it, Friday will be here and I'll leave work wishing my co-workers a good weekend while I begin to gleefully begin to plan my weekend once again. Pin It


  1. I once read a statistic that said Sunday was the most stressful day of the week because everyone was thinking about what they didn't get done over the weekend. Here's to next Friday and all the possibilities!

  2. The weekend always holds so many possibilities for us - and I have the same problem you do - not enough weekend! By the time you get any necessary errands completed, you have very little time.

    Somone I know said "make a list of everything you want to do, cut it in half, then cut it in half again - and you might get that much done".

    Ain't life grand??



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