Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tim Gunn visits local shopping mall...and I missed it

Tim Gunn was in Minneapolis last night to promote the Liz Claiborne line. The event was a free fashion show complete with the opportunity to have your wardrobe questions answered and pose for a photo with Tim (I feel like I can call him Tim, don't you?) if you spent $100.

I heard about his appearance too late to get a reserved seat and the thought of crowding along the second floor balcony to get a glimpse of Tim was...well, honestly? It just wasn't that appealing. So I skipped the whole thing (and saved myself $100 because you know I would have had to buy something just to get a photo, lol.)

Besides, I knew the local paper would have coverage or somebody would blog about it.

Not only did I find a blog post, but a few videos from a local report. This YouTube free word association interview is delightful to watch. Of course I especially liked his word association for Minneapolis - "surprisingly sophisticated"

I originally found the video on this blog post.

Photos from the fashion show are here as well as two additional video clips taken by the same reporter as the above clip. Tim Gunn loves a shirtdress video, and Tim Gunn offers career advice to a 7-year old video.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the video! It was fun!

  2. Hey! I just saw Tim Gunn's fashion shows on video clips. Great summer trends, style ideas and fashion tips from Tim! Heres the link:
    Liz Claiborne



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