Monday, March 24, 2008

Somtimes it's all about the shoes

I had plans to sew one more late-winter dress before heading full force into spring sewing. After all the ground *is* still covered with snow.

The dress was a long-sleeved button front number from a 1975 pattern - Simplicity 6894 - in a silver/gray stretch suede purchased from (where else) Fabric Mart Fabrics. (In the 3 yards for $5 section.)
But when I realized this piece of stash fabric matched my new shoes...
...well, you understand why I had to change my sewing direction don't you?.
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  1. Of course-you need something else to wear with those gorgeous shoes!

  2. Sharon! Why do you own hot pink heels? Now I'm going to need a model of this dress with shoes, can't get around it! xo



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