Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sometimes you feel like a flirt, sometimes you don't

My apron for my flirty apron swap partner is done! (No thanks to my expensive painintheneckwillnotmakeagoodbuttonhole sewing machine.)

Sometime you feel like a flirt...

...sometimes you don't.

But wait!

There's more!

Flirty cooks can get a bit distracted while cooking in the kitchen so sometimes they need an apron bib...

...and non-flirty cooks are sensible enough to know a bib helps protect that gorgeous top they're wearing.

Apron design inspiration
This was a fun project to do especially because I wasn't able to get a real good feel for my swap partner's likes and dislikes. I used advice my mother would give me when I was younger and would agonized over choosing just the right gift. She'd tell me to choose something I would like to receive. Which is exactly what I did.

I ended up not sewing any of the four options I had originally thought I would use. My design inspiration was another vintage apron pattern from the 1940s as well as a photograph of a 1970s Simplicity jumper. My color inspiration (pink, black and white) was from the cover of a miniature cookbook.

The apron design process
I began with the basic design of the 40s apron, mainly because of those great pockets, but made a few changes. I added a band of contrasting fabric at the bottom edge and added black lace with sequins (because flirts like to sparkle don't cha know) around the upper edge of the band as well as the pocket edges.

At that point I realized it would be kinda cool to make this a reversible apron. Instead of coordinating, the two sides would have completely different looks. So out came a sweet green, pink and white cotton toile.

Changing this apron to be reversible presented a few challenges including what to do about the apron ties - thus the white ties which coordinates with both fabrics - and playing around with the curved waistband.

Once the aprons were completed I remembered seeing a button-on bib jumper pattern in a 1970s Simplicity pattern pamphlet. That's how the removable and reversible bib came to be. Again, white neck ties were chosen so that it would coordinate with both looks.

Recipe cards
And I couldn't forget my two recipes. Something chocolate for the flirty side and something healthy for the other side.

Like I said, this was a fun project. Especially the design process which evolved as I went along. I'm going to work on the apron design a bit more, this time taking time to write down detailed step-by-step instructions, before I create another one.

Hey flirty apron swap partner...hope you enjoy your new apron! Pin It


  1. OH Sharon these are fantabulistic, not kidding! Wow...what a lucky swap recipient whoever she is will be. You should market these, they'd sell. And the recipe cards, perfect touch. xo

  2. I don't even like pink and I LOVE that apron! Anyone would be thrilled to get them. The recipe cards are a perfect finishing touch.

  3. your aprons and recipe cards are so cute!!!

  4. These are so cute!! I love what you did with the recipe cards too.

  5. Sharon,
    Those aprons are cute. I love it that you can button the bib part on. Thanks for visiting by my blog today!

  6. What an awesome apron! I love the colors and the embellishment.

  7. It doesn't get any cuter than that, Sharon! I wish I was your swap recipient! The detachable bib is ingenious!

  8. Oh... I forgot to mention that the recipe cards are adorable. Love the apron trim on them!

  9. I love that it's completely reversible, and the detachable bib! And the little yo-yo type things on the recipe cards are cute.

  10. You are a genius! Love the apron!

  11. Wow those aprons are great!

  12. wow! great aprons....great recipe cards!



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