Sunday, March 16, 2008

Simplicity 3962 - a season transition skirt

I barely had time to catch my breath from an incredibly busy week and now another busy weekend will soon be coming to a close. In between the usual chores (and a beautiful wedding and super fun reception yesterday) I managed to squeeze in a small amount of sewing time. The result was the completion of this skirt.

A seasonal transition skirt to wear as the dreary cloudy cool weather slowly changes over to bright sunny warm weather.

I used the skirt from Simplicity 3962, an OOP Threads pattern (I sewed the jacket previously - and I have yet to fix the threads that Abby pulled loose...).

The fabric I used is a poly/cotton glen plaid purchased from The Fabric Club. I choose to cut the bottom section on the bias in an attempt to spice up the business-like appearance of the skirt.

The end product was a nice, but slightly boring skirt. (But it did have a great flowing bias swing at the hem.)

It needed something but I wasn't sure what so I set the skirt aside for a few days while I waited for inspiration.

Oddly enough, I found my inspiration in a quilting magazine. I say oddly enough because I don't quilt so I rarely look at quilting magazines (except for Quilting Arts, but that's another story). This appliqué design was in the Fast & Fabulous Quilting Ideas magazine that I purchased because it had a tote bag, pin cushions and a dog bed on the cover.

Since the plaid was white and black I choose to embellish with only white and black cotton fabrics - that way I can add my pop of color with my shoes or my shirt. The flower and leave shapes were simple curves and the stem is a bias strip. Using black thread and a tiny zig-zag stitch I secured each piece to the skirt leaving the raw edge exposed.

Now I have a business skirt with a little surprise - a reminder that spring will soon arrive. Pin It


  1. The applique is a perfect addition for that skirt!

  2. I love your applique surprise!

  3. Cute skirt, I like the applique.

  4. Very nice always come up with fun ways to spice up your business clothes! Mary

  5. a love the flower, it adds character, love the fabric too

  6. What a great way to give the skirt some pop ~ well the suit actually! It is different without looking wearably arty! Kewl!

  7. That skirt will definately be fun to wear! I love the addition of the flowers and the cotton prints - too cute. g

  8. Your skirt is adorable!

  9. This skirt is absolutely gorgeous! I adore the applique and the black and white print on that gray plaid is absolutely marvelous!

  10. Lovely skirt. I do hope you can fix the jacket.



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