Monday, March 31, 2008

My flirty apron swap package arrived

It began like any other Monday. The buzzing of the alarm dragging me from the cozy comfort of my dreams, rudely reminding me that this was the beginning of another work week.

As I drove to work the DJ on my favorite radio station mentioned the likelihood of eight inches of snow by the evening commute. However, at the moment the dreary gray clouds were not giving up any of their snowflakes.

The day passed quickly after the usual morning work routine - turn on computer, check email, change voice mail greeting, team update meeting - with lots of projects to keep me busy. Soon it was time to call it a day.

By now the clouds had indeed decided to share their big, wet snowflakes and had been doing so for hours. The snow covering was heavy enough to snap the brittle plastic of my scraper while I labored to brush away the blanket of white that hid my car.

The drive home was cautiously slow but uneventful. As I pulled into the driveway, wondering if I should shovel now or after dinner, I noticed footsteps leading to my front door.

Eagerly I peeked at the front step and sure enough there was a package sitting there. Not recognizing the return name and address I realized that this must be my apron from the flirty apron swap.

Reluctantly I set the package on the kitchen table to take care of the dogs. Once they were settled and eating their dinner I unwrapped the package.

I was greeted by a rainbow of tissue paper which sparked a question "could my partner have seen that I clown and did a brightly colored apron in honor of that hobby?" Although I wanted to tear into the package to see the apron, I opened the card first and read the sweet greeting from Elisa .

Not only is this her first apron, but it is her own design. She noticed I liked vintage patterns so she played with "...the vintage dress, features of the teardrop pockets, bias trim, round collars, and vintage buttons..."

Isn't this a cute apron? I adore the design, especially the pockets, and the colors all work together beautifully.

Remember I mentioned she saw that I like vintage dress patterns? Well look at the "paperdoll" softie she created that coordinates with the apron!

This charming apron is pretty enough that when I get a surprise visit while cooking I won't have to scramble to remove the apron so I look presentable when answering the door.

There are some very clever and talented people out there. I have to say that I'm happy that I participated in this swap. Receiving a swap package is really fun, but that's not the main reason. It's finding other creative souls, new blogs, and hopefully new friends.

Thank you Elisa! I think it is adorable and when I make the Zesty Chicken Taco Rice Salad (yum!) from the recipe you included you know I'll be wearing it and thinking of you.

Oh, and just in case you thought I was pulling an early April Fool's joke on really IS snowing.
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  1. Very nice apron...the paperdoll softie is precious. Thank you for sharing your snow makes me feel better about the freak snow we have been having in Oregon! Mary

  2. The snow looks so beautiful. We did not have a whole lot to talk about this winter...maybe will come during spring lol.
    The Apron is lovely!!

  3. What a cute, cute apron. Snow is beautiful but if you are like me, it is time for it to go!

  4. It's great--you sure did get a good partner, Sharon. I'd like to see you in that apron, a pair of red snow boots and a shovel in your hand! (but I am sorry about the's got to be maddening this late in the year) xo

  5. Mary - I'm actually glad to know that we weren't the only ones getting snow this late in the season.

    Anary - It is very beautiful to look at but I'm really hoping for a spring season that lasts longer than a day.

    Lori - I'm with you - it's time for the snow to go!

    Stacey - Hmmm, photo of me with apron and red boots and shovel ain't boots are black and honey, we got a snow blower!

  6. Sharon, I'm so excited you liked the apron! It's made my day! And the peachy tart recipe is so delicious and fun to make. You can change the fruit to what's in season and I love that the crust is mixed and formed into the same dish. Enjoy!



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