Friday, March 21, 2008

Flashback Friday - Spring 1983

I heard a rumor that spring had arrived, although you wouldn't know it by looking outside. That's because more of that white stuff is falling - and falling - and falling. Before it ends we'll likely end up with four to six inches of that beautiful white stuff.

White can be such a beautiful color. Crisp, clean and perfect for spring and summer sewing. Like this 1983 Cathy Hardwick model garment in a Simplicity pattern catalog. (Simplicity 5360).

Now when I sewed this blouse and skirt I choose to follow the colors of the illustration rather than the model garment.

A cream-colored cotton blouse with a coordinating cream colored cotton floral print skirt sewn to wear when my daughter celebrated her 1st communion. Pin It

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  1. Great dress, and I love the RC cola on the table next to you guys!



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