Friday, March 14, 2008

Flashback Friday - Easter 1975

"Say cheese!"

Look at the big smiles from the whole family while standing in front of the shed my father had recently finished building in our back yard. It wasn't just a shed - it was a large shed with windows and a peaked roof on a cement slab. The siding and roof matched our home and the final touch? The house address with a "1/2" added after it.

I gotta tell you - I dreamed of that shed being my own personal little house away from home. A nice little place to call my own where I could have the freedom and privacy every teenager dreams of.

You know, ever since I was in second grade I've wanted a playhouse. I went to my friend's house after school and we had a tea party in her very own play house! It had a living room and kitchen complete with a sink and cabinets and was filled with furniture just our size.

Not gonna lie - I coveted that little play house and when my husband built our shed I seriously asked if he could build a separate one for me too. Not gonna lie - he said I was nuts...ah well, it was worth a try.

But wouldn't that have been a cool place to store patterns and fabrics - provided I could have figured out a way to keep the mice out - kind of like my own little mini-fabric store.

Speaking of patterns and fabrics - I did indeed sew the top and skirt I'm wearing in this 1970s Easter photo. Pin It


  1. I know the feeling about desiring a playhouse! I had Steve build one a few years ago for "Lauren" ha! He painted it to match our house and he puts Christmas lights on is so fun...I don't know what to do to the inside though. any ideas? He built a back door for "later when she outgrows it and I can put tools and the lawnmower in there" NO way Jose! that is going to be little cottage!

  2. Ah, playhouses were always so fun. I was a fortunate kid in that my dad actually did build one for my brother and I-- it was on stilts like a beach house and had a little window we could prop open when it got blazing hot in the summers and a little deck and swings hanging from either side. I enjoyed it for several years, but then it got infested by wasps and I was afraid to go in there. It's used as extra storage now that we're adults. But this post brought back some fun memories.

  3. Oh I remember when our neighbor in St. Joe, Lizzie, won the playhouse at the mall drawing. It was AMAZING and I wanted one soo badly! I think a playhouse sewing room would be amazing. You need one. xoxo

  4. Not strange at all. When I lived in northern Michigan I had a garage that was separate from my 100 yr old house, and the garage had a loft, and I had a constant running dream to turn that loft into my workroom.



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