Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dogs on Thursday - sharing food.

Abby may be 10 times bigger than Sophia, but Sophia's the boss. Abby inches her way to Sophia's food dish but doesn't move off of the rug as she watches Sophia eat.

"Mmmmm, that was good" says Sophia as she licks her chops. "Don't even think about coming any closer Abby!" Abby, having been put in her place a time or two, keeps her paws on the rug but stretches her head over as far as possible in an attempt to nap a morsel or two.

Well, Sophia doesn't go for that. Right after I snapped this photo she reminded Abby who was in charge.

Sophia doesn't always have the upper hand. Abby usually rules when the two of them play in the yard - mainly because she's younger and larger so can run faster and longer.

And look at the difference a week makes! Last week beautiful white snow covered the back yard. Today the temps almost reached 50 degrees and look how dirty and dreary the back yard looks.

At least spring is finally on it's way!

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  1. Poor Abby. Hope she was able to get her a snack too.

  2. Anonymous2:25 AM

    Our boys sometimes do that doggie dinner "I Dare You to Come and Get It" routine. The little one always starts the trouble.

  3. So funny!
    At my parents', the cat used to rule over the dogs.

  4. It looks like Abby is feeling better. That has to be a relief!

  5. Those pictures cracked me up. Doesn't Abby know she's bigger?? As for the snow melt? All I see is muddy paws:)

  6. dogquilter - yes, Abby got her snack also...she just wanted Sophia's!

    fireflynights - it IS always the little ones that start the trouble isn't it?

    isabelle - my daughter's cat ruled over Brandi - a dog bigger and older than her. Hilarious to watch!

    kasizzle - Abby acts like she's feeling better, but she spent the day at the vets getting blood work and x-rays :-(

    cindy - yep, as much as I'm looking forward to warm weather and melting snow, muddy paw season is just around the corner



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