Thursday, March 06, 2008

Dogs on Thursday - Cold, cold go away!

The calendar may say March and spring may be just around the corner, but you wouldn't know it by the cold weather we've had. Last night the temps slowly dipped back down to 4 degrees with below zero wind chills.

Brrrr! At least I think it's cold.

Abby? Well, she doesn't seem to mind the cold too much. She wants to be outdoors almost more than she wants to be inside with the pack. She quite content to grab a toy and plop in the snow.

Of course since she's still a puppy she can't resist a good game of Chase Me! Chase Me! Chase Me! Much to her disappointment, I refuse to play that game with her. However, she can usually convince Sophia to play a round or two around the yard.

Until Sophia remembers how cold it is outside and runs back into the house.

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  1. Awwww! She's so cute and looks sooooo happy!

  2. Abby and Sophia seem to be enjoying themselves.

  3. How old is your "wild child?" Grover loves the snow, too, but not so much the cold. Sophia seems to have the common sense gene. Still, darling pix. Thanks. I think Spring is coming. She's just dragging her butt.

  4. Sharon - Don't you live in MN where it doesn't get warm until the end of May? ;) I used to live in Duluth as a child. My brother was born the end of March and it was 28 degrees BELOW zero on that day. Of course I was too young to remember, but it makes a great family story, if you know what I mean. :)

  5. Great pictures from the frozen tundra. My community (and the rest of the state of Ohio) has pretty much closed down this weekend because of a little blizzard. 10-12 inches of snow and the city can't handle it. When I worked in Mpls. we used to have a good laugh over a city that couln't handle 10 inches of snow!

  6. And I thought we had alot of snow here! Good action photos of the dogs getting their workouts.



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