Monday, February 18, 2008

Top ten trends from Nordstroms with a hint of the 70s

Nordstrom's top ten trends
In my hands I am holding the latest catalog from Nordstroms. The February 2008 mailing contains 108 pages of full color photographs. It amazes me the amount of money spent on mailing like this - the photo shoots, the design and layout of the catalog, the printing, and then the mailing...

But that's not the reason for my mention of the catalog. This issue has an insert - the top ten trends for spring - and here they are:

Trend 1 and 2 - the high-waisted trouser and the waist focused dress
Trend 3 and 4 - the bold print and the printed bag
Trend 5 and 6 - the full skirt and the color-blocked shoe
Trend 7 and 8 - the mixed stack of bangles and the dressed-up trench
Trend 9 and 10 - the beautiful blouse and vivid color
(Top ten trends can be viewed online also.)

70s inspired fashions
So what do these top ten trends have to do with 70s fashion? Not much actually. As I was flipping the pages looking for inspiration there were a few garments that reminded me of 70s patterns I had seen.

Tunic dress
This Diane von Furstenberg tunic-inspired dress with removable belt in silk/nylon azure blue for a mere $325. If I wanted to sew on myself I would start with this vintage pattern - McCall's 6420, c. 1978 and adjust the length.

Grecian dress
This Norma Kamali yellow Grecian dress with removal contrasting belt in lustrous Italian viscose rayon costs $350. This Simplicity Jiffy pattern - Simplicity 7169, c. 1975 - would be a good starting point.
Cardigan dress
Then there's the Mary Tyler Moore cardigan and dress from Tory Burch. The striped merino wool cardigan costs $250 and the sleeveless wool dress with ivory neckline detail is $395. To duplicate this look I'd start with another 70s pattern - Butterick 6077.

I guess I don't need to be shopping the pattern sales - I can shop my pattern collection instead.

Burda WOF Feb. 2008
Speaking of buying new patterns - I received a copy of the Burda WOF February 2008 issue the other day. I have a hard time finding it locally but was able to order a copy from Fashionista Fabrics. Excellent customer service by the way. I received an email confirming my order, the magazine shipped the next day, and there was a nice handwritten thank you note included in the order.

The first item I want to sew from this issue is a fantabulistic knit dress. It has a 70's cowl neckline but with a twist - a twist front drape at the waistline. (click here) I'm thinking bright turquoise for spring... Pin It


  1. Oh it does sound fantabulistic, Sharon. Very. Actually some of those trends remind of of my coveted 80s! Now I REALLY need to work it! high waists make one look fat or not? I'm not sure, I finally got into the low rise. They keep changing me up. xo

  2. I love that BWOF dress, too! I adore the print they used in the link you included. I might make that one, too. I like the idea of a bright orange one.

    I don't think the high waist will work for me. I am fairly short and I think that would make me look stumpy. But I'll be curious to see other's before I completely rule it out.

  3. And to think that years ago I threw out all of those patterns I had from the 60s and 70s...they would be perfect right now...well if my body was still shaped the same! *LOL* I was a pattern size 8 then so except for inspiration they wouldn't do me much good now. You, however, have great patterns and you are right, there is absolutely NO need to buy the newer, updated, and not as well drafted versions!

  4. Love your patterns!



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