Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pati Palmer sewing seminar with photos

Feb. 8 and 9 found me sitting in the basement of a Hancock Fabric store soaking in tips on fitting and sewing from sewing and fit expert, Pati Palmer. Each day consisted of two lecture-style seminars with a dinner/shopping break in between each.

Pati Palmer
Pati proved to be an energetic, humorous speaker who was generous in sharing her knowledge of fit as well as sewing tips. She has such a great attitude about our bodies - our bodies are perfect! - it's the pattern that needs to change.

See that smile on her face? That's how she is - she just radiates joy.

Pati Palmer shares a laugh with seminar attendees

Most of what she covered is information that can be found in one of her books - Fit for Real People, Pants for Real People, Jackets for Real People or Mother Pletsch's Painless Sewing - so there were very few tips that were new to me, but who cares? This was a chance to see Pati Palmer! She's a sewing expert and whenever I have a chance to attend a seminar by a sewing expert I do so - one new tip or one "ah-ha" moment makes it worth my time and money.

Tissue Fit
I've yet to tissue fit a pattern, but after attending the seminar I vowed to try it at least once. One woman bravely volunteered to be tissue fit by Pati so we all had a chance to watch the fit process. (I say bravely because she had to be in her undies for Pati to accurately fit her. Even for an expert pattern fitting I wouldn't stand in my undies in front of a roomful of strangers ... even if we do all have sewing in common!)

One thing I did make note of is a "new" full bust adjustment. Apparently Fit for Real People has been updated and one of the updates is a "Y" full bust adjustment. I started to take note of the illustration until she mentioned that this alteration will be her article in the next Sewing Today magazine. I don't mind buying another sewing magazine...

McCall's Palmer/Pletsch model garments
The seminar included a time for "show and tell". Attendees had the opportunity to go on stage and share a garment they had sewn.

One woman shared the blazer she made from the original McCall's 8-hour blazer pattern that had been released in the early 1980s.
Tweed blazer sewn from 1980's Palmer/Pletsch 8-hour jacket

McCall's 5396
One of the organizers had sewn a number of garments from the current McCall's offerings . This yellow jacket and black/white print skirt is McCall's 5396. I had purchased this pattern previously because of the jacket - I wasn't too fond of the skirt. However, after seeing it made up and worn I've changed my mind. This black and white version was sewn from a lightweight stretch woven - a fabric I would never have picked - and it worked beautifully. There was another version of the skirt sewn from a sheer fabric - red with white polka dots. Adorable!

McCall's 5396

The same women wore the newest suit pattern - McCall's 5597 - the previous day made from a bright green linen. It was so fantastic looking - these photos do not do it justice. She wore it wiht a yellow tank and lime green strappy sandals. I can hardly wait to make my own version - not lime green of course since I like to look like I actually am alive when I wear my clothes and green makes me look quite ill.
McCall's 5597

More model garments
These garments were Hancock Fabric model garments. The denim jacket is McCall's 5191, and the red jacket with print skirt is McCall's 5481. Pati had worn a version of 5481 the previous day - the day I had no camera. It was a 4-ply silk in a deep eggplant color - oh so beautiful! Her version is what sold me on the pattern.
McCall's 5191 and McCall's 5481

Vogue 1029
As promised in a previous post, here is that Michael Kor's dress pattern sewn and worn on a real person. You know the one - its the dress with all the ruching on the back side. The one that most of us could never wear. I love that Pati was enjoying herself as much as we were.

Vogue 1029 back view

Vogue 1029 front view

Apparently, Hancock Fabrics is sponsoring a sewing seminar in March or April in Des Moines, IA. Marta Alto will be teaching that one. So if you're in that area you might want to keep your eyes open for the seminar information. I'm sure you'll find it well worth your time and money.

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  1. That green suit is very pretty!!!! Still don't like the other dress lol

  2. How exciting for you to get such an opportunity. A few years ago, I got the chance to spend the day with Sandra Betzina. It was wonderful. Hope you gained a lot of insight and inspiration.

  3. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Thank you very much for the picture tour of the seminar.A few more Palmer Pletsch patterns have gone onto my wishlist.



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