Monday, February 25, 2008

New Look 6429 - version number three

My 70's inspired faux wrap dress worn to the disco party was my third dress sewn using New Look 6429. Guess that makes it a TNT (tried and true) pattern, right?

While I like both of my other ones, this one is my favorite. The print is great - modern with a retro feel and it was wonderful to work with. Its an ITY knit (polyester/spandex) that I purchased at Hancock Fabrics when I attended the Pati Palmer seminar. If you don't have a Hancock near you it's also available online (click here).

For this version I added the collar but not the cuffs - mainly because I was on a tight deadline and it was quicker to hem the sleeves than add the cuffs.

Clear elastic neckline
Rather than finish the neckline with a facing, as the pattern instruction calls for, I used clear elastic. My serger is still broken (note to self...bring serger in for repair) so I sewed the clear elastic to the neckline on the wrong side of the fabric using a zig-zag stitch.

Then I simply turned that edge in and stitched it in place.

I didn't stretch the fabric while I sewed nor did I cut the clear elastic smaller than the neckline edge. However, this time one of my neck edges stretched out of shape.

I undid the stitching, removed the elastic, shortened it by 2 inches and resewed the neckline and that solved the problem.
Completed dress
The dress is so simple to sew with only a few hours needed. Do you think anyone would notice if all I ever wore was knit dresses sewn from this pattern?

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  1. Very pretty dress and loved the pics on how you did the finishing. My serger died yesterday and I am aghast at the thought of living without one! Nice to know that things can still be sewn without a serger! Thanks...Mary

  2. I love that dress. The print is gorgeous!

  3. That dress is FABULOUS!!I purchased that print awhile back and have been hording it until I can find the right pattern.... now that I've seen your dress, I may have to make it too!

  4. gasp & swoon, that fabric/dress is to die for

  5. Fantastic dress.

  6. Wow! What a flattering dress on you!! You must make a least 35 of them!!

  7. Gorgeous! Wow Sharon!

  8. Would anyone notice??? Probably around dress number 20! *LOL* But you would get tired of the pattern before someone would catch on!

    It is a very pretty dress and you look great in it!

  9. If you do decide to wear only this style dress, you could just tell people you got the hook-up from DVF. They'll understand.

  10. I love the print and it looks great on you!

  11. stunning dress, that print is absolutely beautiful!

  12. Anonymous2:11 AM

    I love your version of this dress. I've used the pattern once and the dress looks hidious on me. Maybe just a bad choice of fabric. I'm inspired by you and shall give it another go! Love your blog! Rubydarling

  13. cute cute cute!



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