Sunday, February 03, 2008

McCall's 5527 Jacket - the beginning

Whew - we had a busy weekend - how about you? Hubby volunteered for an overtime job and ended up putting in almost 24 hours this weekend. Me? I spent most of Friday and Saturday at a fantastic seminar. Needless to say, we didn't see each other for more than five minutes and neither of us had a chance to get the necessary stuff done - you know, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping and paying bills.

Since I was home today and hubby was not, do you think I took care of all of those things? Nah, not all of them. I figured I can grocery shop tomorrow, we have enough clothes to get by a few more days and the dogs don't care if the floors haven't been vacuumed yet.

I allowed myself some sewing time. Even though the seminar was uplifting and refreshing, there's something therapeutic about spending time sewing.

My goal is to continue to build my work wardrobe. I have lots of basics - pants, tees and skirts - especially in solid colors, so I began work on another jacket. Some of you may recognize the fabric as it was purchased in 2007 from Fabric Mart. The fabric is a lovely gray/cream paisley velvet with just a hint of lycra.

The fabric has a romantic look to it and I wanted to keep that feel, but didn't want anything too fussy. McCall's 5527 fit the requirement plus it has one of those wonderful large collars that I find so appealing. I choose to sew view A, the one with the gathered collar, but without the ruffled sleeve.

As I altered the pattern, cut out the jacket and began sewing, I listened to an interview with Nancy Nix Rice on the Sew Forth Now podcast (episode 20). (I sure do enjoy these podcasts and am always excited when I open iTunes and see a Sew Forth Now podcast being downloaded - even if it does take me a while to actually listen to it. Thank you Lori for doing these podcasts - every single one has been excellent. )

Intuitively I've done a few of the tips that Nancy Nix Rice spoke about, such as beginning with a set of basics in a solid color and adding pieces to coordinate as well as hanging jewelry, belts and scarves from hooks where they are easily seen and accessible.

I was also very happy to hear her say that she recommends organizing your closet first my type (jacket, dress, skirt, pant) and within that type by color. Your neutrals first followed by the colors in the rainbow. I have been teased for years because I organize my clothes by type and then by color. It makes it so much easier to find the piece I want to wear, plus it looks pretty. Glad to know that I'm organized and not another "term is often used to describe a person deemed to be overly obsessed with minor details."

So I'm busy sewing away, listening to the podcast and suddenly I realize that I sewed the collar wrong. Not only sewed it wrong, but trimmed the seam, under stitched it, and basted the opposite raw edges together - sob!

That meant I had to remove the basting, remove the under stitching, remove the stitches and regather the upper collar edge. Which meant it was time to quit sewing for today.

Besides the 2008 Superbowl is almost ready to start... Pin It


  1. Yeah it must be in the air lately...I'm not doing so well on my jacket either!

  2. Your jacket pattern looks perfect for your fabric. Thanks for the compliments on the podcast, I am so happy you enjoy them. I so enjoy doing them. Tons of fun.

  3. Can't wait to see the finished jacket.
    I've always been teased about my closet being organized the same way, too. Except no one ever called it organized, they called me other names!

  4. oh, how upsetting. Doing something like that can just kill sewing momentum.
    Meanwhile, how else would you organize a closet? (LOL) I'll admit the color thing escapes me, but items have to be by type - they have to.

  5. housekeeping question: what is the code for those sliding menu boxes on your sidebar? I need some of those (specifically that UFO box, ya know?)
    That, and for some reason the strike-through code has never worked for me. Gah!

  6. That jacket is going to be beautiful when it is done. Looking forward to seeing it.

  7. oh my gosh I organize and color coordinate the clothes too! I have since high school. I noticed my son does now too and I started this for my daughter to help her be organized.

    I can't wait to see this jacket...I have fabric envy! gorgeous!

    BTW I wanted to tell you that your blog is my absolute favorite over the past year I've been blogging! You are nice, informative and very creative! the amazing Sharon



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