Friday, February 29, 2008

Flashback Friday - Easter 1979

As I write this, a cold wind is whipping the falling snow around creating big swirls of white - delightful to look at but discouraging when one realizes that the month of March begins tomorrow.

When the calendar flips over to March it signals that spring will be here soon. And that means Easter is rapidly approaching. In Minnesota, when Easter falls in March we know we will likely wear our new Easter outfits with a coat covering their spring beauty.

1979 must not have been a cold snowy Easter because the kids and I wore spring outfits with out heavy winter coats. I'd have to check a 1979 calendar for sure, but I distinctly remember not having to wear more than this jacket over my spring dress.
The dress is a pullover v-neck dress with cap sleeves and an elasticized waist - from a McCall's Sew It Tonight Wear It Tomorrow pattern. The fabric is a shiny polyester knit - very 70s - in a blue with a tiny floral print.

The jacket is from Simplicity 8855, which I wrote a post about previously on my other blog (Patternaholic).
Adorable children's outfits were purchased, not sewn. Adorable son is wearing a knit pullover top with coordinating pants. Adorable daughter is wearing a fancy yellow Easter dress purchased from either J.C. Penney outlet or Montgomery Ward's outlet. She's not wearing it in this photo but she has a white straw hat to complete her ensemble. Pin It

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  1. Oh my gosh! I just think that it is so great that you rememeber what pattern you used to make what outfit! My mom is like that too! Only silly us we got rid of a lot of her vintage many years ago before she moved. :( I think that she did keep some.



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