Friday, February 22, 2008

Flashback Friday - 1975

Tomorrow my daughter will see her father for the first time since she was four years old. As you can imagine, she's a bit nervous and asked if I would be there with her. Hmmm, let me see...of course! She knew I'd be there - asking was just a formality.

The reunion between the two brought back memories of the wedding between her father and myself in December of 1975. Money was tight so I planned to sew my simple wedding gown.

I still remember picking out the pattern, fabric and lace at a Minnesota Fabrics store (now called Hancock Fabrics). I know which store location it was and can almost picture where the fabric was located in the store. Isn't that amazing? I choose was an off-white shiny knit (perhaps Quiana) with heavy crocheted lace. Not at all appropriate for the pattern, or in combination together, but remember I was still a fairly inexperienced sewer with no one to give me advice.

I ended up in the hospital a few weeks before the wedding. I remember how upset I was that I wouldn't be able to finish sewing my wedding dress. A hospital worker overheard me and told me everything would be just fine. The next day she informed me that her sister would be happy to sew the dress for me as a wedding gift. I never met her sister and to this day I have no idea who the kind woman was who volunteered to sew a dress for a scared young pregnant teenage bride. Those two women have no idea what their kindness meant to me.

That spring I changed the lace on the dress and wore it to my senior prom.

The pattern I repurchased a few years ago for my scrapbook - a Marlo's Corner McCall's pattern - number 4762, c. 1975.
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  1. Okay first, Sharon, only you could turn a long overdue reunion into a sewing post. I love it! And I cannot wait to hear how this reunion works itself out. Are you nervous? Have YOU seen him since then?

    I sure enjoyed that story, what a gift that lady was to you. And I might add the dress is amazing. Love it.

    (You, me, Bridget Jones...but only after the roller coaster in our low cut tops and hula hula skirts--gosh I need to step up the vacustep) xoxoxo

  2. That was a very sweet story. Hope you daughter's father turns out to be everything she's hoping for after all this time. g

  3. Wow Sharon! What a story! I hope that all goes well with the reunion.

    What a blessing those ladies were to you. You dress was just beautiful!



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