Saturday, February 23, 2008

Father/Daughter reunion update

Bad mommy that I am, I missed the father/daughter reunion! I can't believe it!

I met up with a girlfriend this morning to mark a hem on a dress. Her son is getting married in three weeks and she needed someone to hem the dress she is going to wear to the wedding. I love being able to help my friends out with things like that.

We went and had brunch afterwards all the while I kept a close eye on the time so I'd be at my daughter's at least a half hour before her father showed up.

As I left my brunch date, I called my daughter to let her know I was on my way only to find out that her father had just left.


Turns out she had said noon and I thought she said two. For some reason she didn't try my cell phone - she only left a message on my home number and of course I was gone.

So, feeling like the worst mother in the world, I apologized to her. She graciously replied "hey, it's okay. It actually went well." How did I get some an understanding young woman for a daughter?

Her father brought along a step-sister and step-brother she had not yet met (she has been in contact with one step-sister for a few years, which is how this all came about). She told me it was a bit awkward at first - as I'm sure you can well imagine - but they all visited for over an hour. They don't have immediate plans to meet up again, but she did say she was sure they will see each other in the future.

Actually, I think it turned out better that she met him by herself. Not only because I was almost as nervous as she was (yes Stacey, I also hadn't seen him since she was four...long story for another day) and in my nervousness I might have high-jacked the conversation.

She proved to herself that she is a stronger woman than she realized and had an opportunity to begin healing that all important relationship between father and daughter. Pin It


  1. That's great that it turned out so well!

  2. Sharon I think your daughter must be as amazing as you are. I know it went well, but as a child of divorce (and one very very evil stepmother, to blog about one day when I'm strong enough) my heart aches for her. I don't know why it's been so long, but it's just not okay. I'm so sorry for you and for her, I honestly am. And I am praying that your daughter is stronger than I am, that she can somehow build a bridge to healing. xoxoxo

  3. I'm happy for you and your daughter.



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