Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dogs on Thursday - the new toys

The crinkling of the plastic bags gave me away as I walked into the house carrying the day's purchases. With two dogs eagerly greeting me, I made my way to the kitchen where I deposited the bags onto the counter.

Sophia, being the elder of the two dogs, suspected right away that one of the bags might contain something for her.

Abby, on the other hand, was clueless about the contents of the bag so she eagerly accepted an invitation to go outside.

With Abby outside, I slowly pulled a toy from the bag - an oversized SugarDaddy shaped stuffie - and tossed it so I could watch Sophia scamper after it.

"I knew there was something in there for me!", exclaimed Sophia (silently of course since she knows I don't understand dog talk that well.)

While Sophia was busy exploring her new toy, I pulled two more out of the bag - an oversized Double Bubble bubble gum shaped stuffie and a large Tootsie roll shaped stuffie.

Suddenly Sophia wasn't so interested in the Sugar Daddy any longer. In fact, she wanted them all but couldn't decide which one to focus on and ran back and forth checking them all out.

"Oh boy! oh boy! oh boy! More toys for me! I don't know which one to look at first!", said Sophia. "And they're all mine...mine I tell you...all mine!"
(I'm pretty sure I heard an evil laugh while she said this.)

By now Abby had decided it was too cold to stay outside so she bounded back into the house and up the stairs only to stop short when she saw Sophia and the new toys.

"What's going on?" said Abby to Sophia. "Whacha got there? I might be interested too. C'mon, I wanna play too.

"No!" replied Sophia. "They're mine! All mine! Stay away or I'll growl at you"

"It's no fair" thought Abby. "Sophia always thinks everything has to be her way because she's older than me. I hate being the youngest!"

Sophia continued to enjoy her three new toys while Abby watched from the sidelines.

"Ok, here's my chance" Abby said softly so Sophia wouldn't hear her. "While Sophia's busy with the Double Bubble I'll just sneak in and grab the Sugar Daddy."

"Ha, ha, ha!" giggled Abby. "I got the toy now Sophia and you can't get it!"

Sadly, the SugarDaddy only survived three days as the squeaker and stuffing were pulled out after a vigorous game of tug-of-war exposed a weak point in the stitching. Pin It


  1. Those are cute toys. And I love the commentary! Do you fix their toys? Mine go to the 'hospital' for repairs and replacement squeekers. They make the investment not seem so huge that way. g

  2. Definitely cute toys!! My brood of 3 loves stuffie toys too but they don't last long. So now I've been making some. I have scraps of prequilted fabric and denim which I sew into a tube about 18" long, attaching tags (clothing label type tags) which they love chewing, then stuffing with polyfil and a squeaker. Mine seem to last pretty well. These are done on the serger for speed. The dogs don't care if the seaming shows. I also incorporate flat and stuffed areas (for tug of war). Hard to explain it all. I'll try to remember to add a pic to my blog one of these days.

  3. Cute toys and happy pups who could ask for more. My Bessie has a rabbit that she's overjoyed with.



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