Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm baaaack! Did ya miss me?

Thank you to everyone who sent me a kind note checking that all was well. That meant a lot to me. Alas, I wasn't missing due to a fantastic warm-weather vacation, which would have been really wonderful considering we've been in the midst of below zero temperatures at the moment.

I was missing because:
1) I started my new job on Jan. 2 (Yea! and I'm lovin' it!) New job means the brain has been getting quite the workout as new people, places and processes get tossed my way. I don't know about you but I find learning a lot all at once can be quite tiring. Combine that with...

2) I caught a cold on Jan. 4. You know the kind. It sneaks up on you. You sneeze once or twice over the course of the day and wonder if you're allergic to something. Then you develop a slight headache but pass that off to the bright office lights and eye strain due to computer usage. Then your throat gets a bit itchy but you reason it could be the dry air that arrives every year with the bitter cold temperatures. Just to be safe you make sure you have cough drops and nice soft Kleenex on hand. Pretty soon you can no longer deny you have a full blown, feel like cr*p, common cold. Yep. Nice way to start a new job, huh? Anyway, combine that with....

3) Helping my daughter decorate her new condo. We spent Sunday afternoons at her place assisting with cleaning and painting and planning. That also meant a few after-work nights were spent making Target and IKEA runs. I actually don't mind the IKEA's pretty cool to be close enough to an IKEA store that you can just drive over for inspiration. Combine that with...

4) Promising to sew a costume for a local high school production. The play is "Way of the World" and I was assigned Mrs. Marwoods. The costume is due Feb. 2 and I just lost two weeks production time because, thanks to my cold, I was too tired to sew by the time I arrived home from work. While I'm feeling just a tad stressed about this commitment I do know that I'm an accomplished seamstress so I shouldn't have any problems meeting that date. Combine that with...

4) Living life. Cooking, cleaning, church activities...well, there just wasn't any spare time to get on the computer.

So here I am. Back to blogging and ready to share the few sewing projects I did manage to complete in 10 to 20 minute blocks of sewing time. They include:

1) McCall's 5522 blouse which doesn't fit, which is doubly disappointing because the collar and collar band turned out perfect.
2) McCall's 5532 jacket which doesn't fit as well as I would have liked but you can be the judge.
3) McCall's 5323 blouse which doesn't look quite like the cover photograph which you'll notice immediately when you compare my version with their version.

I'll be back. I'm off to work on a few more UFOs. Pin It


  1. So glad (and relieved) to see you back!

  2. Glad to have you back and happy to hear you've been enjoying your time away!

  3. Glad you are back Sharon...I figured you must be busy with the new job and all...glad you are loving it! Mary

  4. I'm glad you're back. No pressure, but I can't wait to see your projects!

  5. Good to hear that you are fine (or at least better) and that you are enjoying your new job.

  6. Nice to see a new post from you :) I was a little concerned that you were so quiet. Glad you found some sewing time and were just putting your 'puter time to better use. g



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