Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008! And sew it begins - resolutions made, resolutions broken

Happy New Year!
I suppose I could begin my first post of the new year by creating a photo collage of my 2007 projects ala Erica and Christina , but that would mean I would have had to keep my photos and projects organized in some logical fashion and that just didn't happen.

2008 Sewing Resolutions
Guess that means I now have a resolution for 2008 - track my 2008 sewing projects in an organized and logical manner.

And as long as I'm tracking them, I think I'll discipline myself to work on only one project at a time - start to completion - so that I don't lose interest in one or the other and create another UFO.

And as long as I'm only working on one project at a time I think I'll not waste my precious sewing time using low-quality fabric.

Broken Resolutions
Uh, oops. Here it is, not even the end of the first day of 2008, and I've already broken my resolution to not waste my sewing time sewing with low-quality fabrics. I sewed on three yards of crappy cotton knit that was hanging around in my stash.

But I couldn't help it!

The color was great - a bright hot pink - but the fabric was really low quality. Not only was it a bit off grain, but it had a teensy-tiny flaw running through. I kept it around thinking that someday I'd use it to sew up a quick night shirt.

And today, that's just what I did.

So...whaddya think of my little night shirt?

Butterick 3405, c. 1970s, Pattern Review
A John Kloss design for nightgown, or babydoll (for stretch knits only) and robe. The gown has high fitted and tied bodice, scoop neckline and flared skirt. The robe has fitted bodice with released pleats, standing collar, front button and loop closing, and full length sleeves.

This particular pattern just arrived the other day buried in a pattern lot I had won recently. You see, sometimes I actually use the vintage and retro patterns I've collected over the years.

The nightgown was a two-hour sewing project - from the time I cut out the pattern to the time I took the photo on GiGi.

I did not do an FBA on the bodice, but I did add additional length to the pattern piece. I also increased the seam allowances on the side seams - tapering from a 12 at the shoulder to a 14 at the high waist/hip line. In retrospect, this additional width was not needed as there is plenty of ease built into the nightgown.

The skirt consists of four flared pieces and is attached to the self-lined bodice leaving a 2 inch opening at the center front. The bodice ties in front leaving a small keyhole opening between the bodice and the skirt. The pattern instructions call for slipstitching the inner bodice facing to the upper edge of the skirt, but I topstitched it in place.

Because my serger is still broken I hemmed the bottom edge - (which is a whopping 140 inches) - with a decorative overcast stitch on my sewing machine. I allowed the knit to stretch slightly which resulted in a rippled edge - similar to a lettuce hem.

I think it turned out cute considering the fabric that was used. Just think how great the next one will look!

My flannel jammies won't be traded in anytime soon for this little hot pink cutie, but it sure was fun to get one of those pesky resolutions out of the way! Pin It


  1. What a great pattern! Love the color, too.

  2. Good job on breaking one of your resolutions right out of the gate! That little nightgown looks too pretty to sleep in. g

  3. Great job on the nightgown.

  4. Such a cute pattern - I remember those John Kloss patterns! So it's a muslin that is cute and wearable! And you've started documenting! It's all good.

  5. What a great nightgown! I love the little peekaboo area.

  6. I'm sure resolution exceptions can be made for fabric that was already in your stash. Not like you bought a new piece of crappy fabric. ;)

    Very cute, btw.

  7. Pesonally I looked at the nightgown and thought wow if you used a great EOS knit you would have an amazing summer dress ~ maybe make the keyhole a little smaller! :)

    As for the resolutions, did you see any on MY blog? Been there, broken that, no need to do that again! *LOL*

  8. Won't you freeze in that gown?!!

  9. OMG, what an amazing little gown you've made - you're right, it is a great color! Crank up the heat and enjoy it!

  10. Very cute on the nightgown! Love the pattern.
    I have a proposition for you - lets together Not create any new UFO's. I love that you're moderating the UFO contest because you don't want to admit to the number - well, me too - I'm not admitting to the number this year, but I am determined not to create any new UFO's this year, and that was my resolution on my blog.



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