Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dogs on Thursday

Brrrr! The morning began with the temperature at 13 below - but it warmed up to a balmy 8 above by the afternoon! I'm already weary of these bitter cold days and am looking forward to spring. At least the days are beginning to get longer again...which means only a few more months of winter.

I'm not too fond of these sub zero temperatures but it sure doesn't seem to bother our Abby. This is one puppy that loves being outdoors and it doesn't matter to her what the weather is like.
The other day I let her out and she didn't care that the temps were hovering near zero and snow was falling. She found a cozy place in the yard where she gnawed on a broken tree limb while watching the world go by. Whenever I called her to come in she would glance back at me as if to say "I don't think so", and then she would go back to gnawing her tree limb. She's already figured out that in these temps it's unlikely that I'm going to go outside and get her.

One of her favorite places to hang out is on top of the large snow pile that was created from the snow that was shoveled - many times - off of the patio. We're guessing she likes being up there because she can see over the fence.

When Abby comes in she almost always gets a treat but that little Sophia is right there trying to remove it from Abby's mouth. She may be the smaller of the two but she's definitely in charge.

Awww, but then the next minute the two of them are best buds again. Pin It


  1. Your Abby is so cute! She's growing up so fast. g

  2. Abby seems to be claiming her victory by standing at the top of Mount Snow. Funny.



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