Thursday, January 03, 2008

Dogs on Thursday - Abby at six months

The week before Christmas Abby turned six months.

Guess what she got for Christmas? That's right - a little day trip to the vet to get spayed. We dropped her off in the morning and discovered that she only weighs 46 lbs. When we brought her home after her little laser surgery all she wanted to do was lie on her bed.

The easy part was over. We now had to make sure she didn't disturb the stitches. She was really good during the day because we could watch her so closely, but we realized she was licking and pulling at the stitches at night. So poor Abby was transformed into a conehead for the dark hours of the night.
Sophia, who usually rules in this house, knew Abby wasn't feeling her best and cuddled up to her during naptimes.
Abby visited the vet again yesterday to get her stitches removed and she gained another 3 lbs in the two weeks after her surgery. The vet doesn't think she'll grow much larger than 55 to 60 lbs which is a lot smaller than the 80 to 100 lbs we were expecting. She may not have gotten the big size of a Newfie but she sure did get the gene for the gentle disposition. She is probably the calmest six month old puppy I've ever seen. Pin It


  1. She is so sweet! I hope she is recovering quickly.

  2. Sweet pup! Makes you want to just cuddle up with her!

    Did you make her bed? Can you tell us more about it if you did?


  3. Sharon, I love that top photo of Abby! What a doll. How did she like being a conehead? g

  4. Shorty - I did not make her beds. We found both of them at Fleet Farm.

    Gaylen - she adjusted to the cone amazingly well. She just let us put it on her and then would stare at us with those big sad puppy eyes,

  5. That picture of Abby in the cone makes want to just eat her up - what a sweetie!!

  6. She is so adorable!

  7. Awww... what a sweetie!



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