Friday, December 07, 2007

Flashback Friday - 1976 Christmas

I can not believe that Christmas is just over two weeks away!

The Christmas tree and decorations have yet to be pulled out of the storage area. The outdoor lighted Nativity Set and lights for our home are still in the shed. And truth be told, there isn't one Christmas gift sitting in our home waiting to be wrapped. That's because I haven't begun my shopping yet.

I'm beginning to feel the twinge of panic beginning to set in. I do know for sure that we will have plenty of Christmas cookies since our annual cookie bake day is scheduled for a week from tomorrow. Yummy!

Life seemed simpler when the kids were babies - by this time gifts were purchased and Christmas outfits were sewn. Of course, when the kids are only 2 months and 11 months old they are quite easy to please. Sometimes just the wrapping and ribbon will keep them fascinated for hours!

1976 was the year that both of my children celebrated their first Christmas.

DS was too young to remember any of it. He spent his first Christmas being cuddled by Grandma and Grandpa.

DD spend her first Christmas concentrating intently on the wrapping paper and ribbon. She, like her mommy, had very little hair until she was almost two years old. She, unlike her mommy, now possesses the most gorgeous thick black almost to her rear hair. She can thank her daddy for that asset.

She wearing tiny little elastic waist pants sewn from pink twill. The coordinating cotton print top had a bib yoke, with gathers underneath the yoke, an attached tie that tied in the back, and large puffed bell sleeves. And yes, her outfit was sewn by me. Pin It

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Dogs on Thursday

I saw the photos Gaylen's Dogs on Thursday post (BTW, incredibly cute if you haven't seen them yet) and knew I right away that I was going to copy her.

Well, it turns out there's an entire blog called Dogs on Thursday! Perfect for people like me who love their dogs.

Abby is coming up on her six-month birthday. She's house trained and has lost that puppy clumsiness. Which means she has earned more freedom in the house. The living room is no longer blocked off (as shown here on her second day home).

She was even allowed into the sewing room this past weekend when I was working on my jacket. After an initial sniff through the room, she settled into what has become her favorite spot in the sewing room - underneath the ironing board semi-tucked behind the curtains.

Goofy dog!

Before settling into her favorite spot she made a discovery that excited her - my pile of fabric remnants. There was one in particular that she wanted - a low-pile animal print faux fur. I guess she thought it was a new non-squeaky toy.

Of course I had to snap a photo before telling her to drop it. Looks like I have a new sewing helper! Pin It

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Butterick 5087 Easy Front-Wrap Jacket Review

Butterick 5087 "Easy" jacket and belt. I sewed view A, the one with the three-quarter length sleeve with ruffle, to test the fit and style.

Isn't that collar great? I used a plaid to showcase the bias cut of the collar, but I think the collar also lends itself well to some embellishment opportunities.

This simple little wrap jacket requires 3-1/2 yards of 45" fabric (almost 3 yards of 60" fabric) for a size 12! That's because of the huge collar. I couldn't believe how large the pattern pieces were when I pulled them out of the envelope!

This princess-seamed jacket is held closed with a snap sewn to the right side of the jacket. I think it also needs a snap on the left side to keep the front edge from slipping down. In theory the belt should cover the snap closure, but it doesn't when I wear it.

While I did my usual FBA (full bust adjustment) I didn't lengthen the front enough. Because my bust is large and I'm short-waisted, if I wear the belt as shown on the pattern cover (covering the snap closure), it appears as if I'm wearing an empire waist belt!

The fabric was a pain-in-the-rear polyester plaid purchased last year from Fabric Mart. It was difficult to work with - it raveled like crazy and was a bit slippery. It's not possible to wear the self-fabric belt without additional adjustments as it would slip out of the belt buckle. I may just wear the jacket with a black belt. While it's not my favorite jacket style, I do plan on sewing another one - this time out of some good quality fabric! The style would be cute paired with jeans for the weekend and a pencil skirt for work weekdays.

The entire pattern review can be read at Patternreview. Pin It

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Abby's First Snow

Abby: Um, mommy? Where's the grass? I have to do my business and I can't find the green stuff. I'm not even six months old yet I don't know what this stuff is. Is it alive? Can it hurt me? If you come outside with me I promise I won't be scared. I think I'll just sit here and wait for you.

Abby: I bet this white stuff is food! Yummy! And look at all of it! I'm not going in when mommy calls or it might be gone the next time I go outside.

Sophia: Sheesh, it's just snow. I don't know why Abby is getting so excited over it. It comes every year and it stays for a really long time. I'm glad mommy made me a fur coat because that snow is cold!

Sophia: M-o-m-m-y! Abby's trying to get my fur coat! Tell her to leave me alone.

Abby and Sophia: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Pin It


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