Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I agreed to wear this?!?

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Of course months ago when I agreed to wear a costumed character to enchance a story hour I didn't realize the temps were going to be in the 90s with high humidity.

Wish me well!
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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Butterick 4812 linen dress photos

Photos of the linen/blend dress sewn using Butterick 4812. The fabric is a bit wrinkled after a day at the office but what do you expect with an unlined linen dress?

Hey, Sophia! Those puppy kisses tickle!
S&S in butterick 4812

Okay, no more puppy kisses as we're going to have our picture taken!
S&S in butterick 4812

I'll give you a puppy treat if you will pose with me for the pictures.
S&S in butterick 4812

See Sophia? The camera is over there.
S&S in butterick 4812

Say "cheese"!
S&S in butterick 4812

And for those of you who just want to see what the dress looks like - this pics for you.

I'm not sure one puppy treat was enough...I'm asking for two next time.

This dress pattern is a hidden gem from Butterick and definitely fantabulistic, wouldn't you agree?

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Flashback Friday - 1984 Jumper

First things first - whether or not you left a comment, thank you to everyone for their prayers, thoughts and kind words regarding the bridge collapse in our city

There's been a bit of discussion lately regarding the return of the jumper. PatternReview had a lively discussion on the boards and Carolyn had an even better discussion on her blog after her post about jumpers.

I have already posted previously that I don't think the jumper look is for me. That wasn't always the case. Over the years I've had a number of jumpers in my professional wardrobe that I enjoyed wearing.

Don't believe me? Well here's your Flashback Friday proof (or Throwback Thursday if you read this early.) A 1984 photo of yours truly posing pretty (with the beginnings of the big hair, big earrings look) for a group shot for the company newsletter. The faces of my coworkers have been blurred to protect the innocent - although I'm pretty sure no one else was wearing a shapeless jumper.

Yes, of course I sewed the jumper and top. The jumper was McCall's 9213, c. 1984. Notice the boxy, no shape look to it?

I solved that problem by wearing the black, button front jumper with a narrow hip-slung belt to give that shapeless jumper some shape. I paired it with a cowl-neck knit top complete with wild black stripe and black peep toe pumps. Yeppers, I sure thought I was lookin' good when I wore that jumper.

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Another close call for my family with the bridge collaspe tradegy

As everyone trickled into work this morning the first topic of conversation was the bridge. First of all we checked with one another to make sure family and friends are safe. So far, no one I know personally has was involved directly, however as recovery efforts continue throughout the day that could change.

I mentioned yesterday that my son's girlfriend (and in my heart my daughter-in-law) used that bridge in her daily work commute and had crossed the bridge barely ten minutes before the collapse.

My out-of-state sister and I were in contact with one another and she told me of a close call with her daughter, who also lives in the area of the bridge collapse.

For some reason when my sister got home from her job she decided to call her daughter to chat.
Because she did that my niece was late leaving for an appointment. If she had left on time she would have been on the bridge at the time of the collapse.

Thank you everyone for your warm thoughts and your prayers. There are many families that will not have the good news that I have had. Please remember them as you go about your day today.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Prayers please! For everyone involved in the bridge collapse in Minneapolis

Breaking news in my city - a freeway bridge collapsed into the Mississippi River during the height of the afternoon rush hour.

The breaking news burst onto the television screen as we were preparing dinner. When we realized it was the bridge near my son and his girlfriend's house my heart stopped. I immediately called my son and after only two tries (cell phone circuits were already getting overloaded) was able to reach him. He confirmed that his girlfriend drives over that bridge ever day, said he had just spoken to her earlier, but would call her and call me right back. She is fine also - but a bit shaken as she had crossed the bridge ten minutes before the collapse.

I can't even describe what it is like to view on television a bridge that I have travelled across many many times twisted, collapsed and partially submerged in the river.

They are already interviewing survivors. If you view the coverage you'll see a school bus on the bridge - from all of the reports so far every one of the children on that bus are safe.

DH and I can't seem to pull ourselves away from the television. The only help we can provide is prayer. Prayer for anyone who might still be trapped, prayer for family members of possible victims, prayer for the rescue workers, prayer that the predicted thunderstorms hold off to rescue efforts can continue. Please join me.

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