Monday, December 10, 2007

Making progress....only five little flannel pjs to go

The flannel pj factory is humming right along. Two toddler boy sets are done, one toddler girl set is done, one girl's set is done and three boy's sets are more than half completed. Looks like I won't become a flannel casualty after all.

I'm making matching flannel tops and bottoms and I sure am glad that these are fairly quick to sew. I'm with you Gaylen - I think the flannel print bottom with the plain tops are super cute, but I let DH decide on these as most of the nieces and nephews are on his side of the family.

You know the "we" idea of sewing flannel pjs was a bit more of a "he" idea than a "she" idea. I think his offer of help was motivated by guilt - see I had suggested that I sew pjs as gifts over a month ago and he wasn't sure if he liked the idea or not.

It actually worked in my favor - you have no idea how many times he stopped in the sewing room to whisper words of encouragement and thank me over and over. I bet if I could have figured out a way to get a foot massage while sewing he would have done that also, LOL.

The cutting assistance alone was worth undertaking this sewing adventure.

I figured since he is so analytical and precise that I could give him the fabric, pattern pieces and pattern layout and he'd be on his way. Uh, no, he said that he "didn't get it". He was so darn cute - even if it was an act so that he only had to stick to cutting. I laid out all of the pattern pieces for him and explained the process. When he asked what those "marks" were I realized I better explain how to cut out the pieces or I would have pieces with no notches and fold lines would become cutting lines.

Oh, remember I said he was in charge of dinner? Yep, it was pizza. Pin It


  1. Can't wait to see them all done up, Sharon,the sewing princess!

  2. I can't wait to see all the pics!! What fun!!!

  3. Regardless of how it came to be, I think it's terrific that you are working on the project together. I was very impressed when you said your husband was cutting out the fabric. It's not that easy for a novice!

    Can't wait to see them all

  4. Sharon, these two are very cute. It'll be fun to see them all! Yeah, that foot massage would've been great!

  5. I think there is an epidemic going on here...are all sewists expected to give their families hand made flannel pjs for Christmas?! I have a list of 6 pair to make myself but I definitely do the white top with some type of embellishment!



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