Friday, December 07, 2007

Flashback Friday - 1976 Christmas

I can not believe that Christmas is just over two weeks away!

The Christmas tree and decorations have yet to be pulled out of the storage area. The outdoor lighted Nativity Set and lights for our home are still in the shed. And truth be told, there isn't one Christmas gift sitting in our home waiting to be wrapped. That's because I haven't begun my shopping yet.

I'm beginning to feel the twinge of panic beginning to set in. I do know for sure that we will have plenty of Christmas cookies since our annual cookie bake day is scheduled for a week from tomorrow. Yummy!

Life seemed simpler when the kids were babies - by this time gifts were purchased and Christmas outfits were sewn. Of course, when the kids are only 2 months and 11 months old they are quite easy to please. Sometimes just the wrapping and ribbon will keep them fascinated for hours!

1976 was the year that both of my children celebrated their first Christmas.

DS was too young to remember any of it. He spent his first Christmas being cuddled by Grandma and Grandpa.

DD spend her first Christmas concentrating intently on the wrapping paper and ribbon. She, like her mommy, had very little hair until she was almost two years old. She, unlike her mommy, now possesses the most gorgeous thick black almost to her rear hair. She can thank her daddy for that asset.

She wearing tiny little elastic waist pants sewn from pink twill. The coordinating cotton print top had a bib yoke, with gathers underneath the yoke, an attached tie that tied in the back, and large puffed bell sleeves. And yes, her outfit was sewn by me. Pin It

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  1. that is one cute photo with the reminds me of my daughter at 11 months all wrapped up in the lights.

    I can't even start looking at the doggie blogs! I'll never get anything done.

    Yes I did make the dolls...for an Irish art contest....I made them look like wild and wacky dancers and I won first prize!



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