Sunday, December 30, 2007

The finished pj's from the flannel factory

The flannel pajamas were all completed in time for Christmas gift giving and were well received least by the parents!

Flannel Pajamas Size M (12 months)
The infant's pair was sewn using an out of print (OOP) pattern - Simplicity 9782, c. 2001 - out of an adorable baby blue flannel monkey print. The pj top is a kimono style top that fastens with velcro; the pj bottoms have an elastic waist and a nice wide facing at the hem. This set also includes a matching flannel hat. This little set was the easiest to sew, requiring only an hour of my time.
Flannel Pajamas Size 1 and 2
I used McCall's 5503 for all three toddlers as this pattern includes both a girl's and a boy's pajama pattern. (Full review is on Patternreview.)

The ruffle along the yoke front and sleeve hems adds a cute girly touch to these flannel pj's for a one-year-old. The Blues Clues was chosen because it says "too cute for words" and my husband thought the saying was appropriate for the recipient.

Two identical pair of blue flannel pj's with firetrucks were sewn for two 18 month old cousins.
Flannel Pajamas Size 3 to 8
I used New Look 6746 for all of the children that wore size 3 to size 8. This pattern includes pajamas for both boys and girls.

First up, in a size three, is a pair of purple flannel pajamas with a gathered empire waistline, peter pan collar and decorative bows which cover the front snap closure. This little girl likes Disney characters so her pajamas feature Tinkerbell. And to complete the look is a matching headband.

Next on the list was another size three - this time for a boy. This little boy is crazy about Cars so his flannel pj's have a racing flag background with Cars characters scattered about. These are typical boy pajamas with a collar and button front closure.

The next boy wears a size six and he likes super heroes. His wild pj's feature The Incredibles complete with comic book words such as "Pow!", and "Zam!" Perfect if you're a six year old boy and you need some inspiration to start a pretend battle.

On to a size eight boy. He's at that age where he wouldn't appreciate cutesy flannel characters so his pj's are a gray camouflage print with the word "Nascar".

The last set of pj's was for another boy in a size eight. I had hoped to find a wolf print for him, but settled for a traditional blue and brown stripe.
We plan on continuing the flannel pj tradition again next year - I use the term "we" as a courtesy because the promised help didn't amount to quite as much as enthusiastically promised - but I think I'll allow just a bit more time next year. I think if I begin next week I'll be okay, what do you think? Pin It


  1. Those PJs turned out great. And you won't have any trouble getting them done - you are a superhero at sewing flannel PJs. As for help - hubby 'cooked' dinner on the nights you were cranking out flannel, right? g

  2. What great pajama. The cap is such a nice touch for the first pair. The blue and brown strip is my favorite in terms of fabrics. I'm sure the recepients are enjoying them. Great Job!

  3. Wonderful pj's. I hope the recipients enjoyed them!

  4. marty6:54 AM

    LOL! Promised help can come in other ways such as doing laundry, cooking, washing dishes, etc. I'm still trying to get my pillowcases done and I didn't have as many as you did. Of course, I only sew when I have the energy.

  5. I'm impressed! I love all the details you added like the ruffles. I'll have to keep this in mind for all the little ones in my family.

  6. Blakely10:04 AM

    I love all of those pairs of pajamas. I think this is a great idea, and would love to do it next year. Thanks for the insperation.

  7. It really was a flannel factory! I love them all. I especially like the matching headband!

    I am curious. Did you just wash your flannel once for shrinkage?

  8. Wow! These are just wonderful! You were a pj-making factory for sure! :) maybe I should have sent my flannel to you and asked you to make up a few for me!

    Happy New Year!

  9. Adorable! The Tinkerbell set is my favorite.

  10. Sharon beautiful. You captured personalities as well as style for the individual jammie, love them. Happy New Year. xo

  11. MURLANA6:22 PM

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