Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cookie Bake Day

Our annual cookie bake day was today.

Bowls and bowls of cookie dough measured, mixed, rolled, and baked.

A kitchen filled with sunshine, laughter, and bright colors.

The end result? Dozens and dozens and dozens of cookies to share.

(Photos by one of my talented niece.) Pin It


  1. Oh yum!! Can you share the recipe for the choc/kisses?? I've got a ton of kisses and it would be great if they weren't all destined for the peanut butter versions (I see in your background).

  2. I planned to get at least one batch of cookies made this weekend, but unfortunately, the weather gods had other plans. A snowstorm meant shoveling instead of baking...

  3. Your cookies all look delicious! I second the request for the chocolate kiss cookie recipe. Could you also post the candy cane cookie recipe? We use to make those and I lost the recipe. Thanks.

  4. Send me two dozen of whatever you got! xo



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