Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Beautiful Yet Treacherous Snow

Snow - so beautiful to look at; so treacherous to drive in.

Here's the view this morning from our bedroom window. Beautiful isn't it?

I think so, as long as I don't have to try and drive in it, which I did (even though I have this entire week off from work) since I had an appointment scheduled for this morning.

I debated about canceling since it was only a hair appointment and the salon is 25 miles away. However, my husband had called during his morning commute to update me on the road conditions and based on his report I decided to keep the appointment vowing to stick to the main roadways.

Big mistake!

I was on the road less than five minutes when I decided to turn around and go back home. As I came to a stop light where I was planning on making a left hand turn, I pressed lightly on the brakes and they froze up! I tried pumping the brakes, which is what I learned 30 years ago when I began winter driving, but that doesn't work with today's vehicles.

In a matter of seconds - which felt like an eternity - I accessed the situation. As I was sliding, I watched the light before me turn red and realized if I did not stop I would slide right into crossing traffic - and they likely would not see that I was in an out of control vehicle!

Fortunately, I still had the ability to steer the car. I choose to steer to the right towards a snow bank. I feared if I steered to the left my vehicle could jump the medium into oncoming traffic and if I kept going forward I would slide right through a busy intersection.

Thankfully, there were no other cars beside me or coming up behind me so I steered right, slid across three lanes of traffic and was stopped by a large snow bank just before the traffic light pole - and just before I would have hit a runner running towards traffic on the snow covered shoulder of the road! (Note to runners, don't run in the streets when the roads are snow and ice covered!) Because I had been going so slow to begin with, the impact didn't set off the air bag.

Unable to drive forward or backward, I put the flashers on, prayed no one would slide into me, and called AAA. Of course, I was put on hold because of the many spin-outs on all of the roads this morning. As I was impatiently waiting for a AAA rep, wondering if I could shovel my way out of the snowbank, a kind Samaritan in a big red company truck pulled up behind me and offered to pull me out of the snow bank.

Thank you Lord for protecting me while I was driving, for protecting the runner on the road, for protecting the other drivers and passengers that I might have injured, and for sending someone to assist me.

Thank you to Brian Nelson, from CWS Painting and Drywall, for taking ten minutes out of your busy day to stop and help a complete stranger. Your willingness to give of your time meant I was not stranded at a slippery intersection waiting for a tow truck to arrive. You don't realize that your calm manner helped me maintain my composure as I have never experienced losing control of my vehicle in all of my years of driving.

I'm now keeping my eyes open for my opportunity to Pay it Forward. Pin It


  1. Eek! Glad you are okay. You are right, the snow is just beautiful - until you want to go somewhere!

  2. Ack! That's awful! I'm so glad you are okay and someone was there to help you.

  3. All praise and glory to Him, Sharon, I'm so very glad you are okay. And the runner. xo

  4. Sharon, I am so happy you are okay. How scary for you but so very nice for a stranger to help you. God was watching over you today.

  5. That is so scray! Thank the Lord that you are ok & that he sent Brian to help you!

  6. Thank goodness for Brian, I am very glad to hear that you are okay. It is just now snowing in Seattle and I have a dentist appointment this morning - was just wondering if I should cancel. g

  7. So glad you're alright, Sharon. What a scary scary thing to have happen. Hooray for Brian!

  8. I'm so glad you weren't hurt!

  9. I'm so glad that you weren't hurt! This was one of my greatest fears during snow and one of the main things that I don't miss ~ since I don't drive anymore! Sending you hugs!



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