Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tired woman? Yes. Wonder woman? No

I certainly don't think of myself as a wonder woman. A tired woman - yes, a wonder woman - no. But my sweet friend Stacey does and she passed on the Wonder Woman award to me. I'm a bit slow in actually placing it on my blog as she passed it along a few weeks ago - Halloween to be exact.

She says I'm her favorite seamstress/clown/dancing librarian/puppy momma. Ah shucks, ain't she sweet? And to set the record straight. I'm not really a librarian...I just coordinate a library book cart drill team so we can amaze crowds with our cart twirling abilities while wearing tiaras and long gowns. Maybe I'll work in a Wonder Woman costume into next year's performance!

I think the part of my life when I most felt like wonder woman was when I was a young single mom. It was all of that juggling of schedules, and homework, and cooking, and cleaning, and entertaining, and just being a mom, along with a full time job that somehow was completed on a daily basis. Not always with a smile, and not always with my eyes wide open, but it was done. My kids knew I loved them and I knew they loved me.

So in honor of my wonder woman years I present to you my little rug rats in their superhero underoos. And no, I didn't sew any of these.

Hee, hee - hope they still love me after this one! Pin It


  1. Is your daughter about 30? 'cuz I had those Wonder Woman underoos!!

  2. Darling pictures.

  3. Yes, Cidell, my daughter is about 30. Those underoos were so popular!

  4. Oh my gosh Sharon only YOU would have actual Wonder Woman pictures. You''re Wonder Womannnnnn!!!!



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