Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Perfect Pant Fitting Adventure - Muslin Number Four (post six)

The Perfect Pant Fitting Adventure
Muslin Number Four

Tomorrow is the all day pant fitting class. This is what I'm bringing with me (along with my first muslin and altered pattern in the hopes of finding out what I did incorrectly.) This muslin is sewn from the recommended fabric - 100% cotton twill - with the zipper and interfaced waistband added.

The front view of the blue muslin with side zipper and waistband added. I think the waistband is too tight.

The back view of the blue muslin with side zipper and waistband added. To my untrained eye, it appears to strain at the high hip and is quite baggy under the seat and at the lower hipline.

The side view of the blue muslin with. The back of the waist rides higher than the front - seems to be above my waistline. The front seam pulls to the front at the upper hip.
Well, there isn't much else I can do at this point. I received a lot of encouragement on the PR boards from members who had recently taken this same class in KC. They couldn't say enough positive things about the class and Cynthia Guffey.

Speaking of Cynthia Guffey - what a classy lady. I had sent an email message after my sewing my first muslin on the off chance that she would actually see it before the class. Her assistant responded to let me know she would try and reach Cynthia for me. Cynthia called three times today trying to reach me - unfortunately I wasn't able to respond to the calls - but she certainly did not have to keep trying to reach me when I hadn't returned her first call. I'm already impressed with her and I haven't' even taken the class yet.

Come back again for a report on the muslin critique and the pant fitting workshop.

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  1. Remember, you're getting ready to take a class. If you could get it perfect on your own, you wouldn't need Cynthia Guffey's expertise. In other words, don't stress, let her fit you, and allow yourself to learn.

    Relax and have fun.

  2. tee hee, good grief sharon!
    you are taking muslin fitting to a whole new level, tfs!



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