Monday, November 05, 2007

The Perfect Pant Fitting Adventure - Muslin Number One continued (post four)

The Perfect Pant Fitting Adventure
Muslin Number One continued

As noted in my previous post I was going to try and fix the fit of the crotch curve by increasing the back crotch curve and decreasing the front back curve.

I have dentist and eye appointments lined up for this morning, so in between appoints I made some quick crotch curve adjustments.

Rather than cut out an entire new muslin, I did the additions and subtractions on muslin number one. That's one reason a 1" seam allowance is important to work with...I could easily let out the back crotch curve. I cut off the excess on the front crotch curve. I don't have the measurements of each handy at the moment, but it doesn't really matter because it did not work.

These are the type of photos I'd rather not post for the world to see. However, I need to document the process for myself and I have always found it helpful when others share their fitting experiences with me.

Adjusted muslin number one - back view. Notice the bagginess and folds of fabric? I'm not enough of a fit expert to accurately diagnose the problems but I'll be researching this more this evening.

Adjusted muslin number one - front view. This has so much bagginess at the center front crotch that at first glance you might think this is the back view. The sides have too much fabric at the hip level and there is too much fabric in the thigh area. The front darts appear to release fullness in an area where I don't need it so I may have to shorten those darts.

Side view of muslin number one - as you can see I'm dealing with a full tummy and an average back side with the fullness pretty low. This picture makes it appear that my front waist slopes down. I don't think that is accurate as hubby and I don't see that when looking at the pants. It may be the way I was trying to take photos by myself.

Adjusted muslin number one - back view with a pinned adjustment. I pinned a large triangle shape at the center back - with about two inches pinned in at the waistline. This throws the back darts off completely and I assume the back grain is now off also. The back crotch still doesn't look right.

Adjusted muslin number one - front view with a pinned adjustment. I pinned a large horizontal section across the entire center front and pinned out some excess on one side seam. The waist isn't actually off like this photo shows - I think I pulled some of it out of place trying to do a self photo.

I'm beginning to not trust my measurements, but I have taken them multiple times - both by myself and with my husband. It's possible that I'm not understanding how to transfer to measurements to the pattern to make alterations.

So what should I do? I have no idea what to do next. Obviously I'll need to try and come up with some solution this evening so I can complete a decent muslin to bring with me to class on Wednesday.

Come back again for a report on muslin number two using the second altered pattern.

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  1. Anonymous6:53 PM

    I sympathize. I am on my third muslin and I haven't got a clue. I've tried palmer & pletsch, silhouette patterns (going to a workshop next month), and countless other methods. I think my body is just too weird. Good luck.




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