Monday, November 05, 2007

The Perfect Pant Fitting Adventure - Muslin Number One

The Perfect Pant Fitting Adventure
Muslin Number One

(No photos today as I've already ripped part of the first muslin apart.)

After dutifully taking all of the required measurements, transferring them to the pattern and making all of the required alterations I cut the muslin.

Knowing this was my test muslin (meaning not the pair that would attend class with me, but the pair that I would use to pre-test my altered pattern) I sewed the seams quickly - in the proper order - with a long stitch seam. I stay stitched the waist line but did not sew on a waistband, nor did I add the zipper.

  • There's a number of problems with this first test muslin, but the crotch depth and crotch length appear to be the right lengths.
  • The knee and leg length adjustment were also good.
  • The pants overall are too wide at the hip, but I think that can be addressed in the class.
  • To my surprise the side seam is in it's proper place. Which tells me I need more width in the back of the pattern and less in the front.
  • Just as I feared, even though the overall crotch length appears to be correct, the adjustment between the front and back is not working. That 2-1/2" extension to the front crotch curve resulted in an incredibly baggy front crotch.
That obviously was not the right adjustment to make to the pattern so I'm going to try and fix it by increasing the back crotch curve and decreasing the front crotch curve.

Come back again for a report on muslin number two using the second altered pattern.

The perfect pant fitting adventure post one here; post two here.

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  1. I am so interested to see how this pans out, as I'm having such a difficult time with pants fitting lately. Thanks for sharing!



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