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The Perfect Pant Fitting Adventure - The Class (post seven)

The Perfect Pant Fitting Adventure
The Class

Well, I guess my now you've all figured out that I'm a bit a perfectionist as well as an over achiever. I was one of those kids you got annoyed with when grades were done on a curve since I was always going for that A+.

I really thought I needed a decent fitting muslin before this class began and that tan muslin was not a good fitting muslin. It turns out I was fine. There were some woman that I thought their muslins fit very well but Cynthia ended up doing a lot of pinning and slicing to their muslins. I did not think my muslin fit that well, but Cynthia didn't make too many adjustments.

This morning, before I set off for the class, I had everything set up on my dining room table all nice and organized into plastic bags - seam ripper, hem gauge, tape, extra fabric, each altered pattern (each in a separate envelope), as well as the other required items on the supply list.

I tucked everything into two big tote bags and off I went. Imagine my dismay when I arrived at the classroom and reached into my bag to pull out my muslin only to find that I had everything I needed EXCEPT the blue muslin!!!

Can you believe it? All that last minute sewing on the muslin and it didn't get packed into my tote bag!

Since it was no longer rush hour it would only take me an hour (round trip) to get the muslin. Cynthia said it was my decision - so off I went.

Once home I hunted all over for my blue muslin. I remembered folding it up and placing it on the table with all of my other supplies. My mind was racing as to what could have happened to them.

Guess where I found them? Lying in the middle of the living room floor where my dear big 5-month old puppy had played with them. She must have pulled them off of the table and played with them until something new captured her attention and she forgot all about them.

I grabbed the blue muslin, raced back to class and watched as Cynthia performed her magic as I patiently awaited my turn.

When it was my turn she immediately noticed the dreaded pantie line.That's when she asked the class if we had all heard of Spanx. (Uh, oh. I knew I should have worn some gut sucking, cheek lifting something or other to class, LOL!)

She sliced my pant completely around the circumference of my body as I needed to add 1/2" depth. She then pinned out 1/2" at the inner leg at the upper thigh.I was instructed to add fabric into the area that was sliced and to sew the pinned area and then the pants would be tweaked again.

Pants being sliced and tweaked

After sewing a 1/2" band of fabric into the area that had been sliced, I awaited my turn for the second tweaking. This time she pinned 1/2" tuck underneath the seat beginning at the inner thigh tapering to zero at the side seam. She released the side seam at my high hip and added 1/4" fabric - beginning at zero at the waist, increasing to 1/4" at 2" down, tapering to zero at 4" down. The side seam was also adjusted -the amount stayed the same but the stitch line on the front was moved 1/2" forward and the stitch line on the back was moved 1/2".

Pant with side seam opened and taped in place. Back tuck under seat.

Adjusted muslin back . One side only is completed. I had a side zipper in that was cut in half when the pants were sliced.

She thought these fit well and they felt good when I was wearing them, but looking at the photo I'm not sure that I like the look of them. I saw such dramatic changes in the other woman who were fitted. Most of them appeared to loose weight once their pants were properly fitted. Almost all of the other pants had the fullness eliminated at their back. I still see some fullness at the back of my pants (the right leg).

I was actually surprised that she did not slice and add at my high hip at the side seam. This was an adjustment that she made on half of the participants (along with the tuck underneath the seat). Those of us with high hips get a "c" shape that radiates out from the inner leg just above the knee to the seat area. It's caused by the high hip curve - so more fabric needs to be added in that area because of the curve of the body.

Many of the woman also had long vertical pleats pinned along the entire back leg which made the leg slimmer. I've always tried to make that adjustment by taking in more at the side seam, but you do need to take it out of the back leg - parallel to the grain line - to make the leg hang better.

She told all of us that she is willing to see us during the expo for a final critique of our muslins, but I was unable to get an appointment to see her as I was the last one to sign up. I'm still going to sew another pair of pants with the adjustments from this class and wear them when I go back on Friday in the hopes that I can catch her during a slow time at her booth.

The back muslins compared - before and after.

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  1. Anonymous10:18 PM

    Wow. The before and after photos really show what an improvement the alterations made. It makes me want to work on a great-fitting pair of pants myself!

  2. HUGE improvement. You did lose about three pounds in the back. But, you are right. I wouldn't like the bagginess in the thigh either.

  3. I agree about the little bit of bagginess, but overall it looks better. Would you say the class was worth it?

  4. Spanx? I'm on a mission girlfriend. Looks great, Sharon, and while I wouldn't know what baggy pants feel like, I can see the difference.



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