Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I know I shouldn't have, but it's Fabric Mart!

When I read a Shannon's post about using these beautiful Anna Sui silk's for linings... well, what can I say? My fingers typed in Fabric Mart's web address on my keyboard and in minutes and order was placed.

The package arrived today and I must say, these silks are even more beautiful in person than they appear in the photograph. Oh how I love the way silk feels! Pin It


  1. I loved the ones I bought and have repeatedly told myself not to dip back into that well again anytime soon! But are they just amazing! Even the poly charmeuses that I got from them for $1.99 per yard are absolutely fab...and those will be used for linings too!

  2. I got the blue and red Anna Sui silk!

  3. Your selections are lovely. I also completed a Fabric Mart order less than five minutes ago! I purchased two of the silk charmeuses and also some dirt cheap knits.

    22 yards of fabric for $53. Gotta love that.

    Now, where can I buy a few extra hours in every day? Anybody know?

  4. Hey - no fair!! I'm still waiting for my order to arrive - ahh, the joys of waiting for a package to clear customs. I'm glad to hear you say these silks are nice - I can't wait to see mine. I may just have to dip back into the well again (Carolyn, I love the way you put that).



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