Friday, November 16, 2007

Flashback Friday - 1979

The weather is turning colder here. In fact the past few days we've been teased with intermittent snow flakes - nothing really noticable, just enough to remind us that winter is almost upon us. As the weather turns colder I find that I have an urge to bake desserts. Apple pie, banana bread, pumpkin get the picture.

I've always had an urge to bake just as the weather begins to turn cooler. That's evident by this photo of me making one of my all time favorites - Special K bars.

I can tell I'm making Special K bars because of the upside down box of cereal in the background. See it? It's on the counter of my extremely messy kitchen.

The blouse I'm wearing was sewn using McCall's 6555, a Carole Little for saint-tropez west design. The one I'm wearing is view C but I also sewed view B (the red one on the envelope cover.)
That blouse was a great blouse. Very versatile and comfortable. It could be dressed up and worn with a skirt or dressed down and worn with skinny jeans and high heels.

The fabric was a polyester something or other with a lovely floral print that was predominately purple. As I write this I can almost feel that fabric beneath my fingers - it had a bit of stiffness to it yet had enough drape to make up well in this style blouse.

I'm certain I purchased from Minnesota Fabrics even though this would have been the time period that I was still working at Joann Fabrics in the mall. Minnesota Fabrics was the closest fabric store to the apartment where we lived and the fabric was much cheaper than the high end fabrics at Joann's. My how times have changed...

As much as I still enjoy baking when the weather turns colder, I no longer make Special K bars. One of my sisters developed a peanut allergy so the bars are no longer brought to family events, the kids no longer are home to devour a batch and my husband and I certainly don't need to eat a batch of bars by ourselves. Not that I'm saying we would, or even that we have, but we might be too weak to resist the temptation and I wouldn't want us to feel guilty about eating an entire batch of bars by ourselves. But here's the recipe just in case you have no problems decide to whip up a batch. And it's be our secret if you decide to eat the entire batch by yourself.

Special K Bars
1 c. sugar
1 c. light Karo syrup
1 c. peanut butter
6 c. Special K cereal or corn flakes

Boil sugar and syrup together. Add peanut butter and mix well. Pour mixture over cereal. Pat in jelly roll pan. Melt 6 ounce chocolate chips and 6 ounce butterscotch chips together and spread over bars.
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  1. This "Flashback Friday" is such a fun idea. Love that you can still remember what the sewing pattern was!

  2. There's something all wrong with a woman who has photos of the shirt she made, knows the pattern, has the pattern, remembers the view, the fabric, EVERYTHING about that shirt. But yet cannot open a box of cereal from the top. A touch of eccentricity? Whatever it is, you're adorable!



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