Friday, November 02, 2007

Flashback Friday - 1976

November 2, 1976. Thirty one years ago.

I don't remember what I was wearing, whether or not snow had begun to blanket the yards, or even where I kept my sewing machine. I was too busy being a very young mom of two children under the age of one.

That day my son was 15 days old and would not be released from children's hospital for another week. He had been born two months prematurely and the doctors weren't sure he was ready to come home.

My daughter was 10 months old and progressing well in her development. She too had been a preemie. If you haven't read her story, I shared part of it here.

This photo of her was taken at her Grandmother's home while I was at the hospital visiting her brother. The blur is because she's busy bouncing her hand up and down very quickly. When you have a child you marvel at everything they learn to do. When you have a child that you aren't sure will develop "normally" you celebrate everything they learn to do.
That's one reason I love this photo so much. It captures her being a baby. Doing a normal baby thing.

The photo also captures the fact that she is wearing little flannel pj's that I had sewn for her. I remember setting the snaps into the legs of these pj's. It was early on a Sunday morning and I was busy pounding the snaps into the fabric with my hammer. Having never lived in an apartment before I didn't realize how much I was disturbing my downstairs neighbors until they began pounding on the ceiling. Oops! When I realized what I was doing I was a bit embarrassed and made sure I was much more considerate of my noisy sewing projects in the future.

There's another sewn item in that photo. The Kitty Kat! Sewn from the remnants of a dress, with felt eyes and nose, hand embroidered mouth and whiskers, satin ribbon adorning it's neck, and filled with polyester fiberfill and lots of love.

I stumbled across the pattern, Butterick 4573, a few months ago, and I just had to purchase it for a scrapbook page.

Who knows? Maybe daughter will want to sew one someday when she has children. (Hey kiddo, if you're reading this no pressure on the grandkids thing okay? LOL!) Pin It

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  1. You are one fortunate momma, Sharon, that you have beautiful children to love so completely. If we didn't have at least someone to love, then I'm not convinced life would be complete. I found myself holding my breath as I read your daughter's birth story as well. I knew the ending yet it still gave me goosebumps. xoxo



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