Saturday, November 03, 2007

Been having trouble viewing my blog lately? I think I've fixed the problem.

Woof Nanny was kind enough to send me a note letting me know that when she tried to view my blog it but it crashed her computer. Yikes!

She suggested that it might be because I had Java script on the blog, adding that blogger isn't working with it anymore. Well, that's the first I had heard of that but being a novice at all of the 'behind the scenes" codes I took her word for it.

I removed an item from my sidebar that ran on Java script. I'm hopeful that takes care of problems you may have encountered trying to view my blog.

Thank you Woof Nanny! Pin It

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Sharon. This is sooooo much better and quicker. My computer never crashed but it did use to take approx. 3mins for your blog to load. I don't like to complain :) so I simply read through Bloglines. Thanks Woof Nanny.



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