Friday, October 12, 2007

Winter Wardrobe Planning 2007

I've been reading with a great deal of interest the excitement building around the 2008 SWAP that is discussed on Artisan's Square. The SWAP (sewing with a plan) runs from January to April 2008.

In fact, I was just about to sign up when I realized that I need a new, coordinated work wardrobe BEFORE Jan. 1, 2008 as I will be transferring to a new department within the organization on that date. One that will require a more polished look than I currently wear in the office.

So, I thought I'd be adventurous and try something new....planning ahead with my sewing! Whoa! What a concept!

Instead of "oh, this fabric is cute, what can I make with it?", I'm trying "this will coordinate with this, and this with this, and so on, and so on, and so on."

With that in mind I headed over to Treadle Yard Goods with my $175 gift certificate in hand ready to purchase good quality pieces that coordinated together. You know, it was hard to actually spend that gift certificate! Because once I spent it, it no longer represented a dream of what I *could* sew.

It was also harder than I thought for me to stick with my plan. I kept seeing all the pretty Amy Butler fabrics, and some wonderful rayon knits, and some sparkly silks - all fabrics that appealed to me but I had no idea of what I would have sewn with them.

After almost an hour, I finally decided on a black and white tweed with flecks of caramel brown, rose pink, pale lilac, and fuchsia to be sewn into a jacket and matching skirt.

The next piece was a winter white wool gabardine for a slim skirt, that will be underlined and lined.

Lastly a charcoal gray wool flannel for a pair of lined pants. I'm signed up for a Cynthia Guffey all day pant fitting workshop in November so I'll hold off on sewing the pants until after the class.

As soon as I added in the Ambiance lining for everything my gift certificate was gone! I must admit, this will be the first time I've ever used Ambiance lining. I feel as if I've finally gone up a notch in my sewing or graduated to the big girls school of sewing.

Once my new purchases were in my sewing studio I began digging in the fabric stash to see if I had anything else that I could pair with my new "core" pieces and was delighted to find a few that will work.

A raspberry (or fuchsia) wool knit that I accidentally felted a bit years ago when I preshrunk it - not knowing that wool should not be dried in the dryer. I think it will work well in a belted jacket, although it might be a bit too thick for the belt.

A winter white mystery fiber fabric with a wonderful nubby texture. This was purchased almost 20 years ago from a woman who was moving - if I remember correctly, she had originally purchased it in Ireland. It isn't very heavy so I think it will work well in the McCall's 5276 swing jacket I made previously.

In a free bundle assortment from Fabric Mart Fabrics I had received a two-yard piece of a caramel brown fabric - possibly rayon. The color I thought was horrible and I planned to use it as a muslin, however it matches the speck in the wool tweed perfectly, so I'm going to sew a skirt and see if I can make it work.

I also have a black/cream sheer Anna Sui silk purchased from Fabric Mart Fabrics that will be sewn into a top - possibly a loose fitting, longer length top.

I keep eyeing this gray/black charmeuse at Gorgeous Fabrics also, but it's so difficult to determine if the colors will work or not when shopping online. I haven't purchased it yet, but that may change this weekend.

So what do you think?

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  1. Oh my goodness! I love every fabric AND every pattern in your wardrobe. I can't wait to see this progress!

  2. That's a great SWAP as I love the colors you have chosen. You might want to add a dark plum to offset the fuschia. Just a thought

  3. I love your SWAP, the colors, fabric and patterns -fantastic.

  4. Oooohhhh Sharon ~ welcome over to the SWAP side! *LOL* I really like the colors and patterns in your plan.

    And I totally understand that switching from business casual to professional dressing. I have been at my job for a year now and am just feeling like I have found my way - clothing-wise. To me it just seems like you need more clothes when you wear a suit - more tops/blouses and more suits 'cause I just can't wear the same suit over and over again and wear it out after putting so much work into making it!

    It has finally gotten chilly here and I am going to love getting dressed for work next week. I can wear some of my SWAP pieces from last year and some of the new pieces I just completed.

    This is getting long but I am there with you cheering you on. You will see that sewing with a plan can be very addicting!

  5. Hi Sharon!!! OOOOoooo... I"m LOVING the cream skirt with front seaming!!! I can't wait to see it!!! Make sure you share your progress with us!!!

    Lala :o)

  6. I love all your choices. I can't wait to see them all made up. It's inspiring me to maybe try a SWAP of my own!

  7. Sharon I'm glad you're moving over to a different look--because now I get to see all the beautiful clothes you sew for yourself. I have to say I'm impressed with your ability to stay focused here--I'd have been all over the place! Looking forward to a lot of beautiful pieces modeled by you of course! xoxo

  8. Sharon, really good job on this SWAP! Gorgeous Fabrics will send you a swatch of that charmeuse, it's only .50! Can't wait to see you model this wardrobe.

  9. This looks like a great plan! Your fabrics are perfect together. I have never sewn a coordinated wardrobe before; I'm looking foward to following your progress.

  10. Sharon, what a great selection! I love the patterns and the fabrics you picked! Fabulous wardrobe plan!

  11. Looks good to me!

  12. Sharon, this looks wonderful! I switched over to the 'SWAP side' last Spring and am loving it! I hope you will, too. I'm anxious to watch your plan evolve. Beautiful!

  13. I love how your SWAP is shaping up so far. The colors are fabulous! The hardest thing that I have had trying to figure out the Timmel SWAP fabrics are making sure all tops go with all the different bottoms! I really like the patterns that you have chosen also. I will be looking forward to seeing your progress!

  14. I love your choices -- as it happens, they coordinate super well with the SWAP I am sewing right now. My plan for now is a summer work wardrobe, but if ever I complete it, I will want to take the same colors to fall/winter, and will love to take inspiration from you! Thanks for this.



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