Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sometimes patterns just don't work out

Ah Vogue 2989. I had such high hopes for you
  • Your easy to sew raglan sleeves
  • Your nipped in waist
  • Your cute little peplum
  • Your slightly s*xy skirt with the pleated detail.
How did it all go so wrong?

This is one of those sewing projects that make you go "Ugh! This isn't at all what I envisioned!" Followed by "Why did I just waste four yards of gorgeous fabric not to mention precious sewing hours on this?!?"
  • The construction should have been simple - the pattern is rated "easy".
  • The shape should have worked for me - peplums and shawl collars usually work on my figure.
  • The fabric should have been the perfect choice - the suggested fabrics include wool jersey, cotton knit, and matte jersey. This is a lovely chocolate brown knit - unknown fiber content but likely a rayon/Lycra blend - it has a nice hand, isn't too lightweight and drapes beautifully.
All of these factors combined contributed to the disappointment of this jacket.
  • The construction actually was simple - but for some reason I just could not get that darn wide collar to lay correctly! It's still not right but I gave up, dressed GiGi in it and snapped a photo.
  • The shape is not working - and it's that darn collar that just isn't right.
  • The fabric is wrong - the jacket needed a texture to hide the hand stitching that is needed to make that darn collar look right.
All is not lost - hate the jacket, but LOVE the skirt. Just gotta figure out what to pair it with.

Detailed review is posted at Patternreview Pin It


  1. the collar doesn't look nearly that wide on the patter photo. It reminds me of LA Law - remember that? Love that skirt!

  2. I know you hate it right now, but give it a rest and look at the jacket again. I looked at the enlargement and can see nothing wrong. I like it. How does it look when you put it on? And...the skirt is wonderful.

  3. Sharon, how disappointing! But I agree, look at it later and see what you can make of it then.

  4. I quite like this outfit, not sure what you dislike about it. Maybe, as suggested, if you put it away for a few days then re-visit.



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