Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Simply Skirts and Doggy Destruction

Simply Skirts
I've been sewing simple skirts in an ongoing effort to build my professional wardrobe quickly.

Another skirt using McCall's 5330. This one is trimmed with a black lace peeking out at the hemline. It will work well with black McCall's blouse I recently reviewed. Other skirts sewn using this pattern are here and here.

Look what I found buried in the bottom of a fabric box? This long slim pencil skirt sewn in a slightly textured fuchsia fabric. All it needed was a hook and eye to be sewn onto the waistband. This is from a long out of print New Look pattern (that I can't seem to locate at the moment.) The color works perfectly with most of my winter 2007 SWAP items - yea!

Doggy Destruction
This next photo has nothing to do with skirts, except for the fact that I'm wearing one - Just another reason not to splurge on expensive clothing while in the midst of puppy training...

And completely off topic - Apparently Sophia didn't want us to think that only Abby had the ability to destroy. See what lovely vision I came home to today? She's even busy checking out her handiwork while I snapped the photo.

At least I have a house to come home to, even if it does now have a bit of ripped carpet. My thoughts and especially my prayers are with all of those affected by the fires in California. Pin It


  1. Nice skirts - I really like the one with the black lace at the hemline.

  2. Yesterday must've been Puppy Boredom Day. I fixed 4 throw pillows last week (Dani chewed the zippers) and today? She found the littlest piece of zipper I hadn't removed and chewed the whole corner of the pillow. Grrrr.



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