Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Prince and Madonna appearing in my sewing studio soon, very soon

Yep. Prince and Madonna will be making a appearance in my sewing studio because I received an ever so sweet email request from my son's darling girlfriend wondering if there was any way I could help them put a costume together for Halloween?

She went on to say they wanted to be early 80s rock stars - Prince circa Purple Rain in 1984 and Madonna circa Like a Virgin 1980s. She said with the fashions from the 80s coming back she thought she might be able to find some pieces in "real clothing stores", including white lace fingerless gloves (I had a pair, and if you're of a certain *ahem* age, don't pretend that you didn't own some too!)

She went on to say that she didn't know if she'd be able to find a short, puffy, white lace skirt and would it be too difficult for me to sew one in the next few weeks? Ha! I could do that upside down with my eyes closed. I gotta teach that girl to sew... or maybe not as it might take some of the mystique out of it.

Of course I said Yes! What mama wouldn't be proud to see her baby boy dressed in purple velvet wearing heels.

Now if I only had kept those fingerless lace gloves... Pin It


  1. Sharon I went over and left you a big longgg abby comment last night then my connection disconnected and I couldn't post. So...I did what all normal people do under the circumstances--I went to bed!

    She's so beautiful--reminds me of our dog Bo who was a mix and was the SMARTEST dog we ever had--loved to play frisbee. Does she?

    Do you even have to ask--I am soooo about Prince and Madonna 80's style--Purple Raine era!!!! And Baby I'm a Star..might not know it now but baby I'm a star..I don't want it to stop til I've reached the top and then I cut over to 'i look over to where you are....two by two our bodies become one...' okay okay I missed a few words in there so now I need to dig them up and re-learn. We can sing when I get to the mall coaster. xoxo

    PS--sorry for the book--it's a double comment, though

  2. PS--

    Even I won't eat a Lala cake.

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  4. I'm not sure why, but I still have those gloves. Mine were pink. Perfect with my pink strapless prom dress. And my hair sprayed 'til it practically stood straight up...



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