Monday, October 29, 2007

Pattern Review - McCall's 4716 - knit top

Thanks for the comments and words of encouragement - both her on the blog and on Patternreview. I've received some things to try and advice from a few people (Patsijean and Cherie to name a few) that said I should set the jacket aside and revisit it after some time has passed. I'll put it aside for awhile before placing it into the donation bin.

Although, when you spend a few of your free hours sewing a dud (see previous post) sometimes the only pick-me-up is to sew some instant gratification.

Which is just what I did Sunday afternoon after completing the Vogue jacket and skirt. I went back into the sewing studio and whipped up this knit top. Less than one hour - gotta love that.

It's sewn from a lightweight sweater knit (that probably would have worked well for the Vogue jacket that turned out so lousy) but I only had about 1-1/2 yards. Because its a bit sheer I underlined the front and back piece with a rose colored rayon/poly/Lycra knit.

The top consists of a front, back, sleeve and large bias cut cowl collar. The collar is hemmed on one end and sewn - right side of collar to wrong side of shirt - along the scooped front neckline then flipped over onto the front of the shirt. The shoulder edges of the collar are gathered and kept in place when the shoulder seam is sewn.

The pattern is McCall's 4716 - now out of print (oop) which is too bad. Its a great basic knit top with a fabulous cowl neckline.

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  1. Oops! Sharon, it seems my feedsreader wasn't picking up your feeds anymore. I've fixed that (hopefully) but I've missed out on a lot of entries!
    Your top is pretty! It looks great on you.

  2. Great top! That is a bummer that it is oop. I would definitely pick it up. In addition to being a great casual top, it could be made into a great top to wear with suits, too.

  3. OOo ... I have that same sweater knit. Somewhere. In the stash, somewhere. I think. ;-) Yours looks great!

  4. Sharon that tops looks great! and not fill up your comments - Abby sure is growing fast and the neighbors would have bothered me too! g

  5. Yes, that is the same knit - you're so right Sharon! Your top is so similar to my WOF one, love yours - it looks gorgeous on you! :-)



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