Friday, October 12, 2007

Flashback Friday - Halloween 1981bunnies and tigers

Keeping with the Halloween Flashback Fridays I've got going on this month (unicorn & mermaid, and Raggedy Ann & Andy) I present to you ...

Miss White Rabbit 1981
Mr. Spotted Leopard 1981
These were great costumes! I sewed them (you already knew that didn't you) using a McCall's costume pattern. What was so great about them?
  1. The costumes included a hat and mittens. It's cold in Minnesota on Halloween and hats and mittens are a huge plus!
  2. The one piece costumes were roomy enough so their jackets could be worn underneath (see item 1 - cold weather on Halloween night)
  3. The costumes were made from flannel (see item 1 - cold weather on Halloween night).
  4. Flannel costumes mean they could be used as pajamas! Once Halloween was over they could wear their costume as often as they liked ... as long as it was bedtime.
Lately, I've been coming across some blog posts with flashback Halloween costume photos...
  • Check out this adorable baby Raggedy Ann
  • You've got to see Amy's young fireman - complete with fire truck!
  • Anyone call for pizza? This is so creative!
  • Give me an "A", give me a "J"! - you guessed it .... Halloween cheerleaders!
  • Toddler Elvis - playing the piano instead his guitar
  • Okay, this isn't a costume, but check out this hair - wow! (And the cool retro jackets)
Of course, there are many costume pattern reviews (with photos!) listed on Pattern review, including this infant peapod costume for Ann's grandson.

But none as cute as my two little ones.

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  1. Nope--absolutely NONE will ever be as cute as yours. And they look like you too--so you're kinda vain, aren't you Sharon. But that's how we hot momma rollercoasters in our sexy tops are. Happy weekend. (no Flashback today either--I'll play next Friday) xoxo

  2. Hi Sharon!!! CUTE costumes... and smartie smart to make them multi functional too (as cozy pjs afterwards!!!)... Lilley Kate has chosen to be a sparkling witch... but alas no flannel on her costume!

    Have a nice weekend!

    Lala :o)

  3. warm and fuzzy! you are smart!

    thank you for your nice comment on my firefighter!

    happy sewing this weekend



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