Friday, October 05, 2007

Flashback Friday - Halloween 1980

Aren't they just the cutest little dolls?

Yep, that's my little cuties dressed up as Raggedy Ann and Andy for Halloween 1980. The clown and ghost in the back were children in the neighboring apartments.

I had my two dressed up and right after this photo was taken I piled them into the car to head to Grandma and Grandpa's house where there were more opportunities for trick or treating.

Before heading out the door (with their pillowcase treat bags, LOL. I should have sewn them one of these!) they stopped to pose with my youngest sister, D, who was eleven at the time. You know, D's always had an aversion to having her photo taken -I bet if I asked her she would admit that underneath that pumpkin hood she's sticking out her tongue.

Aw, yes, the after trick or treating ritual - dumping all the candy out on the floor and sorting through it. Every year I begged for a chocolate bar and every year Raggedy Andy boy refused and Raggedy Ann girl said "yes, of course, what else would you like?" She's a good girl - I know when I'm sitting in a nursing home she's going to come and visit me :-)

Did any of you sneak candy from your children's trick or treat loot? I don't remember for sure, but knowing what a sweet tooth I have I probably did. Although it's difficult when they are old enough to actually inventory the candy supply, LOL.

I know, what you really want to know is if I sewed the costumes, right?

Of course! And they cost me ZERO dollars to make!

What's my secret you ask? Simple.

In 1980 I was an employee of JoAnn Fabrics - back when the store was located in a shopping mall and carried high end fabrics. Yes, you read that right. Wools, silks, ultra get the picture.

And the employees sewed all the model garments that were displayed in the store. So, using McCall's 7232, I choose to make these two adorable little costumes as model garments. Being model garments meant everything was free - the pattern, the fabric, and all of the notions! The only catch was that it had to be displayed in the store for six weeks.

The costumes, after being worn by a few cousins, were returned to me where they are now packed safely away awaiting a future grandchild's Halloween adventure.

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  1. They are adorable costumes! i always tried to talk my kids into being Raggedy Ann/Andy but they never would. I really wanted to make the costume. LOL.

    And yes, ma'am. Have stolen MUCH of my children's candy over the years. And will do so these year, too! High school kids even trick or treat in my area so I will still have candy coming home for several years.

  2. KarenP12:40 PM

    I love these pictures! They remind me of Halloweens when I was a kid. I was Raggedy Ann in the early 70's (I had a big Raggedy Ann doll and I wore her clothes - my mom made the red wig).

  3. Oooh you're clever, Sharon...very clever. And of course talent--how many time are you gonna make me say 'talent' when I talk to you? How big is your head about now? j/w

    Your daughter looks like you? At least from the photo I think so, I'd be curious to know. She's a lucky girl, if that's the case, her momma's a hottie! (in a non-weird way I say that)

    *Thanks for your encouragement, I'm better now. Niki is going to visit a bf in college tomorrow, get away and feel 'grown up'. Aww geesh maybe I should worry!!! xoxo

  4. Sharon those are adorable! I wanted Raggety Ann and Andy dolls so badly but we were darn poor. I enjoy your flashback photos! thank you for sharing

  5. The only way I'll ever believe you were in a tomato fight is if they were tomatoes filled with sawdust and had a bunch of pins stuck around them! THAT's a Sharon tomato fight, lol.

    Cliff Richard is da bomb.

  6. What cute photos of your kids. I had that same pattern of Raggedy Ann/Andy. We too were hobos on halloween before. LOL Must have been a cheap costume huh?
    My dad used to raid all of our candy and take our Reeces peanut butter cups. I will always remember that. LOL



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